Rebuilding Humpty Dumpty

I'm new to this network and frankly I am not a fan of social media. However, after a message i heard from evangelist Reinhard Bonnke, i have changed my tune and have come to the realization that social media is as much a pulpit as the like one would find in a church. My name is Robert Murillo. I am a 5th generation Angeleno ( i'm from LA), however i moved to Orange County, CA to pursue my degree from Vanguard University in Christian Religion/Pastoral studies. I attend a Church/gathering named Safe Harbor Church.I met my wife while attending this fellowship. Well we are a non-denominational church, although my Senior Pastor Dave Langeland was A/G credentialed. So let me explain the impetus of where we are "at" as a gathering of believers. A few years back our church shared a building with a spanish congregation and with another larger group of saints. Real estate prices are HIGH in Orange County CA. Our building was sold and at that time the recession hit us hard. We could not find a church building that we could afford and so leadership gathered together and decided to pray about our course of action. It was realized that we had the option of renting space from school gyms and local hotels, or that we could try to do something we thought was crazy which was break up into house groups and form house churches. After prayer and time having sought the Lord we decided that we would rather spend time in fellowship with each other and God then spend huge amounts of time setting up and tearing down in locations that would be inconsistent. As you can imagine we lost people, good people. In the meanwhile, those who have chosen to stick around have been nudged into larger roles than they perviously were allowed. We have also noticed that those who attend the house-churches our more directly involved.We do run into problems occasionally such as, what to do with children, babies, etc.. But this is where i believe "humpty dumpty" is being put back together, allow me to explain... It seems that in the Christian world that one must be able to prove something before its taken as truth. God always confirms himself to us, probably due to that human quality we innately have. But for the sake of space and time i will provide an overture of our discoveries. Jesus was not resurrected so that we could argue over nuances such as coffee/cake, air conditioning temperatures and ample parking. Jesus came so that we would know how to live and how to release His Kingdom to Earth. That said, 90 minutes devoted to a Sunday service where all eyes our focused on a stage has not brought transformation to this world. We are the Church. The house churches in Acts and the Epistles were not held in one giant building where all came and where all spiritual transactions occurred in a single meeting. Paul was even asked about what a gathering of believers should look like this is was response: "What is the outcome then, brethren? When you assemble, each one has a psalm, has a teaching, has a revelation, has a tongue, has an interpretation. Let all things be done for edification (1COR 14:26)." This is where we are at as a group, learning to do this and releasing the Kingdom!!!
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  • same to you!

  • Thank you for those possibilities. I am pleased with my church currently. My husband attends another neighborhood church where he sings in the choir. I use to attend there but needed something a bit different. Thank you for your offer to pray for us. I don't think our home is in good enough repair to be used for group meetings. But it is a thought to keep in mind for a later time. Blessings to you and your wife and your lovely sounding house church situation.
  • Well, Felicity Dale's webpage has a network of House Churches listed I believe, not sure about your neck of the woods. If that's no good, perhaps you may want to pray about opening your home. Of course we use wisdom, and lots of prayer. Apostle Paul would start churches and weeks later leave with established leadership. Then he would return expecting that the Holy Spirit would be responsible for raising up that Church body! Xenos Christian ministry has house church resource as does Felicity Dales webpage. I will be praying for you and your husband. God Bless your endeavors.   

  • Thank you for your response. Your post got me to thinking that sometimes I may meet someone who for whatever reason does not want to attend a traditional church setting. I thought it would be nice if I could learn of some Atlanta area house churches that I could suggest as alternatives. Our church has an apartment outreach for a particular complex. I need to see if they are open to serve outside of the complex. How would I find out about house churches in this area that may be looking for new attendees? Thanks for any suggestions you can give. I have been praying for many years for a couple to attend church but have been told the husband does not really want to go to a traditional church. Perhaps if I could suggest something different it may be something they would try.
  • Thank you Janice. I was saved in a 4 walled church. I met my wife in a 4 walled church, and I am not trying to say one model of how we gather is better than any other. I have experienced since I first posted that Blog Post that people will show up to a house church for a spiritual treat just as they would show up to a 4 walled church because the worship team is good and parking is as well. I am on the journey to better learn how to develop disciples and how to spend time and resource on those who are serious about the Kingdom. I will always "stop for the one" as Heidi Baker suggests, however I'm learning that Apostle Paul taught Timothy to only teach those things that He taught Timothy to "faithful men (or women)." The world does not need brethren who fight with other Churches as much as it fights with the Lost. The world is looking for people who look like Jesus. And thats what Im after :) 

  • Interesting thought about the transition to house churches. Thank you for sharing and opening my eyes to possibilities of ways to encourage people in their Christian walk.
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