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May 2011

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Upcoming Prayer Summits/Events

Pastors Prayer Summit

May 9 - 12

Menasha, WI


Pastors Prayer Summit

May 17 - 20

Tokyo, Japan


Prayer Breakaway

May 21

Milwaukie, OR


Preaching & an

Evening of Fresh Prayer

May 22

Custer, WA


Pastors Prayer Summit

May 23 - 25

NW Washington/ Southern Mainland


Pastors Prayer Summit

May 23 - 26

Western Japan Northview


Church Prayer Retreat

May 27 - 29

Abbotsford, BC


Pastors Prayer Summit

May 30 - June 2

Shiga, Japan


For a more complete list of both upcoming and past Prayer Summits/Events please see the Calendar on our website.



School of Ministry

June 16-18, 2011

at Firm Foundation

Christian School on

19919 NE107th Avenue in Battle Ground, WA

Abide School of Ministry builds on the foundation laid in the School of Prayer. Ministry to others is released through our times of ministry to the Lord. As each of us begins to understand our unique identity we are prepared to become part of the collective ministry of the body of Christ. All tracks in the School of Ministry flow out of Isaiah 61: Restoring the Foundations, Marriage Rx,  "Sonship" Study and Worship.


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Helping Tornado Stricken Cities

Special Note:  You have heard about the tornados that hit several Southern States, especially Tuscaloosa and Birmingham, Alabama. These two cities both have strong Prayer Summit movements there. It is right that other cities rise up and help them. I urge you to consider sending immediate help in the form of supplies or cash to purchase supplies and also to consider sending a team from your congregation or city to one of these cities when they will really need it later this summer. Please use the following contacts to pursue how you can help. Birmingham – Kevin Moore  or Tracy Hipps . Tuscaloosa – William Scroggins or Greg Rogers. I know and trust these men and commend them to you.

Influencing Hollywood

Ted Baehr, as much as anyone in Hollywood has influenced the movie industry for righteousness. For over thirty years he has worked mostly behind the scenes encouraging prayer for the movie industry and influencing influencers. The Annual MOVIEGUIDE(r) Faith & Values Awards Gala & Report to the Entertainment Industry now has an airdate on the really big Hallmark Movie Channel during sweeps week on May 16th at 7 pm eastern and pacific - dual feed. This is a miracle! To get free resources to tell your friends, church or school, please click here. To find the Hallmark Movie Channel on your cable or satellite dish click here.

Facilitating Corporate Prayer

(Part 5)


Read It Again


Part of corporate prayer can be spent in time alone. This will enhance the times when we are together again. Jody Mayhew is very experienced in hearing the direction of the Lord in corporate prayer settings. One of her deep desires is to help others do the same. Here is an exercise she suggests to help people further develop their listening skills.

  • Choose a portion of Scripture (a psalm, a chapter, the Lord’s Prayer or the High Priestly Prayer…etc).
  • Spend five sessions with the same portion of Scripture. This could be five 10-15 minute segments or it could be five different days. Ask the Lord to lead you as you engage in this.
  • Session 1—Read until the Lord stops you – that is, when you see a new aspect of who He is or a fresh truth from that Scripture. Then pause and ask Him to speak to you from this place. Listen for His voice.
  • Session 2—Read the same passage again—asking Him to apply this portion to a specific situation in your life. Respond to what He shows you.
  • Session 3—Read it again – asking Him to convict your own heart from this portion or truth. Confess your willingness to cooperate with Him.
  • Session 4—Read—asking Him to display Himself—a facet of His nature, character, attributes. Take time to praise and adore Him for this.
  • Session 5—Read—asking the Lord to use this portion of Scripture to fuel your prayers throughout the day.

Jesus said that His sheep would hear His voice and recognize it as their Shepherd. This process can help people increase their confidence that they are hearing His voice so they can follow Him. 

Dick Palmer
Richard Palmer web 3

In March of this year, Dick and Sally Palmer moved from their home in Vancouver, WA to their new home just outside of Dallas, TX. They felt it was time to be closer to their son and his family.  This move also meant Dick’s retirement from the IRM board.  I felt it was fitting that you know a bit more about this faithful servant.  So, the following is written with deep appreciation for Dick and Sally Palmer.


Dick Palmer played as much of a role as anyone in the decision for me to come to IRM.  In 1993 I facilitated my first Prayer Summit with him.  In 1999 He made the initial call to me asking if there was any reason I should not be the next Executive Director of IRM.  He was a vital link in helping me understand both the logistics and more of the history of the Prayer Summit movement.  He served on the IRM committee at Multnomah and on the IRM board from the time we became a separate ministry.  He and Sally opened their home to me before we moved to Portland, and to the IRM board on many occasions.  His heart for the Lord, for pastors, and for IRM was very evident.  His wisdom and his willingness to speak directly to a situation has saved me from several bad decisions.  I appreciate the number of times he asked me about how Marilyn was doing.  I appreciate the number of times he would encourage me with a well spoken word or verse.  He also has great “toys” and has been very willing to share them at just the right times!  With the Palmer’s move to Texas, the IRM board will be able to look back with deep appreciation, and also look forward knowing that the God who helped us through Dick Palmer’s life will continue to provide for us all that we need.


I have asked a few others to share a bit about their interaction with Dick.



I first remember meeting Dick in the late ‘90’s when we all gathered in Cannon Beach for the IRM meetings.  I did not get to know him well at the time but remember seeing him function in the meetings with grace and wisdom.


Of course since that time we have had many meetings together with the Board as well as meeting with Dennis at Starbucks and other locations.  He has never wavered from that grace and wisdom – because it is Jesus in him!  There has also been a “firmness” that I have respected a lot.  Dick has been willing to speak up and disagree with the group when necessary.  Several times this kept us out of troubles!


“You will be deeply missed from the IRM Board.  May you and Sally have a long and ‘healed’ life in your retirement years in Texas!”

-Glen Weber



I appreciate the investment Dick made in the "birth" season of IRM.  He volunteered to give himself during the early days of establishing Dr. Joe's vision.  Without Dick, and his personal contacts, so many would have missed those treasured moments of the summit.  During IRM's growth spurt, Dick took on the mentorship of cities, and has sown wisdom into the forward movement of the ministry.  Yet, it has been in these later years that I have come to love and value the relationship that Dick has offered to me personally.  I will miss his face when the Board gathers.

- Jody Mayhew



I first met Dick Palmer when came to Branson, MO to co-facilitate a Pastors Prayer Summit, nearly 14 years ago.  His wisdom and spiritual sensitivity were amazing.  Since those days, I have been privileged to sit on the IRM Board with him for many years.  In the middle of "the best of times and the worst of times" God has used Dick as an amazing demonstration of the delicate balance between stability and creativity.  I know there will be future board meetings where I will be asking myself, "What would Dick be saying or asking if he were at the table today?" 

- Howard Boyd 



Dick Palmer has been one of the most significant brothers in Christ and mentors in my life. He has taught me much about integrity, speaking the truth, being a consistent servant, seeking the Holy Spirit's direction, and loving God and pastors (and me too). God has greatly used Dick to build a firm foundation of Christ into Multnomah, IRM, most of the Prayer Summit facilitators and thousands of pastors around the country. "Well done, good and faithful servant."

- Steve Hall



 As I reflect back on the time we worked together on the IRM board, this one verse of Scripture best describes him; Be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your toil is not in vain in the Lord (I Corinthians 15:58). To be steadfast is to know you are seated with Christ in heavenly places (Ephesians 2:6). To be immovable is to be firmly anchored in Christ Jesus. Always abounding reflects one who consistently gave more than was required. And finally, when you stand before Jesus Christ, it will be with confidence the quality your good works will stand the test of fire (I Corinthians 3:13).   We love you in Christ Jesus.

- Dick Williams



Although I have only known him a short time, he has left a lasting impression in my heart. I felt a special bond with him because of his own military service and understanding and encouragement to me concerning my husband Jason and his service in the Air Force. When the trials continued to roll my way with our youngest daughter, Sasha, his kindness and heartfelt understanding about the challenges we face in parenting helped re-focus my attitude and confirm the direction that God had been leading us in our relationship with her. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to serve on the IRM board with my brother and friend. “May God continue to watch over you and Sally as you walk forward in this journey called life.”

- Daryl Knudeson



I had the privilege of logging a ton of miles with Dick on the Prayer Summit journey. His honesty was refreshing (most times!), and his humor infectious, as in the classic Palmerism, "Yeah, Right!" There is an unforgettable high point of our unparalleled co-facilitation career: Billings, Montana, a creaky, leaky, cold cabin in the snow-blown Bighorn Mountains, with rusted bedsprings, and extra-chewy local beef served up by "Buck," our redneck, raspy host. Thanks for the memories, Palmer! And bless you for your undying passion to see pastors make things right and walk together in John 17 oneness. You have a legacy, my friend.

- Tom White


Intercessors' Note

There are three Prayer Summits taking place in Japan this month. (Please note: we erroneously listed the Tokyo Prayer Summit in March. We apologize. It will take place in May.) Please note their dates on the Events Calendar and pray for God to bless them mightily.

There are four ministry opportunities I have between now and the end of the month. I would greatly appreciate your prayers for me and those I minister to. 

  • May 21 – Gracepointe Church, Milwakie, OR – Facilitate at their Prayer Breakaway. 
  • May 22 – Sonrise Church, Custer, WA. Preach their Sunday AM service and facilitate an evening of prayer. 
  • May 23 – 25 Cedar Springs, Whatcom Co, WA – Facilitate Pastors Prayer Summit. 
  • May 27-29 – Northview Church, Abbotsford, BC – Facilitate Congregational Prayer Summit.

If you click here I will know that you have taken these requests before the Throne. (This will take you to a page thanking you for your prayers and we will be able to see who clicked on this link)

Many blessings,

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