PTAP: The Kingdom of God

In Matthew 10 and in Luke 10, Jesus sends out the disciples to do ministry. They are to heal the sick, cast out demons and preach the Kingdom of God. The disciples are to find a man of peace or a house where peace remains. Can you just imagine the places they went, what was the buzz going on in the villages and cities? This was before TV and the internet, so these disciples and the work they were doing became the talk of the town. The news about them must have been great, and they must have kept having to say, "No it is not us, it is Jesus." There is no way this was a stealth ministry. The villages knew what was happening. "Grandma was healed and is up on her feet." "What! Our uncle who had that demon is now walking around in his right mind." That really is good news. Jesus sent out His disciples to be and to tell good news.



Pray for a greater increase in the doing and telling of the Good News in the AP.

Pray that as believers say to their local friends, "Peace be to this house" and "The Kingdom of God has come near to you", that they too would enter into the Kingdom of God and experience the peace that passes understanding that can only be found in Christ Jesus (Phil 4:7).

Pray that God would raise up men of peace all throughout the AP who will welcome believers into their homes and communities. This way, many doors will open to the Gospel message of salvation and hope in Jesus alone.

Pray that the Kingdom of God would manifest itself through spiritual salvation and the meeting of physical, felt needs. Pray for wholeness and restoration of all things in Christ (Acts 3:21).

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