PTAP: Qatar - Sports, Education, Art

During our third week of prayer for Qatar, we will focus our prayers on education, culture, and sports--all important aspects of life in Qatar & sectors where there are believers who work there.
Acts 2: 41 “Those who accepted his message were baptized and about three thousand were added to their number that day.” (NIV)
The 2022 FIFA football (soccer) world tournament will be held in Doha. This will be the first time FIFA has had a tournament in an Arab country. State of the art stadiums and sports complexes are being built with millions of dollars and the labor of people from all over the world. Pray that it will be a success. Pray that believers in Christ who already live there as well as those who will come and share their faith with all the athletes as well as those attending. Pray that many will believe.
The Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development has successfully increased the education level in Qatar to international standards. Universities from all over the world now have campuses in Doha. Of the primary, high school and college students in this program, the vast majority are from Qatar. Thank God for the education that students are getting and pray that it will continue to improve. Pray that each one of the students will one day hear about the Savior, who created them, loves them and wants them to follow him. Pray for the educators who follow the Lord, that they will faithfully share His love in action and word, to the students and teachers they work with.
The Museum of Islamic Art which sits beautifully beside the Doha harbor, is one of the best in the region. The stunning National Museum of Qatar opened in 2019.  Some members of the royal family are serious art collectors as well as eager proclaimers of their national history. Much artwork celebrates creation. Pray that as the collectors look at new art pieces to buy, and as they reflect upon their past, they will think about the Creator and desire to know more about Him. Please pray that art dealers and collectors who love Jesus, will share their faith with the royal family and very rich of Qatar.
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