PTAP: Qatar, National Day

QATAR (National Day: December 18)
Modern Qataris:
Qatar is a young country that gained independence from the British in 1971. It was initially unified in 1878 and this is now celebrated each year on December 18th. Qatar is under stress these days from the regional blockade from its neighbors, Saudi Arabia in particular. There is belt tightening from low oil and gas prices, as well as secularization and modernisation. Qatar is youthful, both the expat men and women brought in for labour and management, and the 4+ children born to its citizens. Qatar nationals are a minority, at most 12% of the population, and supported by the wealthiest state in the world.
Psalm 67:4 - May the nations be glad and sing for joy, for you rule the peoples justly and guide the nations of the earth.
Pray for the young Emir, Tamim Al Thani, and the nation's leaders as they guide policy and seek peace. Pray for the nation to rejoice in its sovereignty but to put their trust in the King of Kings. Pray Ps 67:4, that Qatar would rejoice in God and that He would guide and rule Qatar for the glory of His own name. Pray that Emir Tamim would submit to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior!
Pray for modern openness to extend beyond tolerating expats and building new businesses to the hearing of the Gospel. Pray that the Gospel would spread rapidly and be honored (2 Thessalonians 3:1). This nation is hungry for money, not God. Pray that God would do the impossible and save the wealthy (Mark 10:24-27). Pray that the rich, young rulers of Qatar would not walk away from Christ!
Pray for the handful of local believers in Qatar - that they would grow in maturity and faith. Pray that they would get together regularly to worship with and encourage one another in Christ. Pray against the fear of persecution. Pray for boldness in their witness and outreach.
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