PTAP: Bibles on Bookshelves Everywhere

Announcing a new website with an updated look and updated information for the 7 countries of the Arabian Peninsula. 
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We also have some new prayer videos from Oman, including a country overview and videos from Nizwa, Ibra, and Muscat. 
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For many young men, jobs are available far from home and that means living away from family. While living in a far away city, many young singles live together with roommates. One man was recently sharing his library of books from the apartment with a worker. Joking, the young man noticed that the only book missing in his library was the gospel. His guest happened to have a copy and helped to complete his collection. 
Pray that he will place it on the bookshelf and that his 12 roommates share and read it. That it will touch their hearts and lead to reconciliation with God.
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