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April 2011

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Abide Ministries School of Prayer Portland/Vancouver April 28 - 30

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Visit Abide Ministries website to register or for more infomration.

Upcoming Prayer Summits/Events

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 Pastors Prayer Summit

April 25 - 27

Cedar Rapids, IA


Teaching on

Coporate Prayer at

Western Seminary

April 26

Portland, OR


NW School of Prayer

April 28 - 30



For a more complete list of both upcoming and past Prayer Summits/Events please see the Calendar on our website.

Prayer Summit "Virtual Tour" 

I have often thought that I would love to take each of you to a Prayer Summit with me. Well, this month, you can do a “virtual tour” of a summit. One of the men at the Tucson Pastors Prayer Summit, which took place last month, is very gifted in print media. He compiled his pictures of the summit and put them on line. It is more than just pictures, it tells a bit of the story of what God did there. You may view it by clicking here.  And, I have sometimes shared a few testimonies with you from the summits, but this time I want you to be able to see many testimonies from the recently completed Rhode Island Pastors Prayer Summit. Rejoice with me and praise Jesus for what He did in these two settings.

Facilitating Corporate Prayer

(Part 4)


Proclaiming His Names


As we encourage people to exalt God, pray His will, and express praise to Him through corporate prayer, having a time when we pray based upon the names and titles of Jesus from Scripture has taken us down some wonderful paths. After singing a song that exalts the name of Jesus – something older like “Praise the Name of Jesus” or “There’s Just Something About that Name” – or something newer like Matt Redman’s “Blessed be the Name of the Lord” – it is very natural to introduce a time of praying back to God some of the ways He is revealed in Scripture.


I have introduced times like this be saying something like, “We know that the name Yahweh means ‘I AM!’ He loves it when we as His followers proclaim His name to one another and to Him. We can do that by simply agreeing with Him, and say, ‘Yes, You are…!’. So, it seems it may be good to worship Him by responding to Him being the ‘I AM’ by saying, ‘Jesus, You are…’ and then you fill it in from there.”


People will begin saying, “Jesus You are the Light of the World.” “Jesus You are the Bread of Life.” I have found people often catch on to this quickly and easily. Encourage them to pray brief prayers but they can pray as often as they would like. In fact, you may want to or need to ask people to “Selah” between the names so people have some time to let each name sink into their hearts and souls.


Another step beyond just proclaiming His names can be to encourage people to think about the significance of each of the names they are proclaiming and to add that to their prayers by making the first words of their prayer, “Jesus, because…” and then pray what it is about Him they appreciate. So, perhaps someone would pray, “Jesus, because You are the Light of the World, I can now see things that I never saw before.” Or, “Jesus, because You are the Bread of Life, I look forward to both the aroma and the sustenance You give each day.”


I have had the privilege of praying like this in many groups. When it is done in response to His prompting, it has always been a good and rich time of fellowship. But as I have just re-read what I have written, I want to acknowledge that this sounds way to “wooden” or “stiff” compared to how it flows in real life. So, please be sensitive to His Spirit if you proceed with this. Let Him be The One to lead you and your thinking as you move in this direction. Perhaps we could say that what I have given you here may, at best, be the score of music the Lord may want played, but the facilitator is the one who interprets that score and brings it to life.


Intercessors' Note

First of all, I would encourage you to check the IRM events calendar and pray (what I call) Phil 1:6 prayers for those who have recently been to an IRM event. “Father, since You began a good work at this summit, please complete the things you began!"


We are in the annual “Easter Slow Down” for IRM events. There are some, but not many Prayer Summits scheduled close to Easter. But there are many things we can pray about. Please pray for the following...

  • the many people who will hear the Good News of Jesus during Easter Week – through messages heard at Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Easter Sunrise, and Easter morning Services. Please pray for each person who presents the Gospel and each person who hears, that they would respond to the best news ever.
  • the upcoming School of Prayer facilitated by Abide Ministries, in Vancouver, WA. April 28-30.
  • the National Day of Prayer events that will be taking place throughout the Nation on Thursday, May 5th.

Thanks, and may you be caught up again in the wonder of the Cross and Resurrection!  And thank you for your prayers.  If you click here I will know that you have taken these requests before the Throne. (This will take you to a page thanking you for your prayers and we will be able to see who clicked on this link)

Many blessings,

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