Prepare to Pray in 2013


Next year’s Seek God for the City came off press last week. That is earlier than ever before. Here’s why: The WayMakers team thought it would be important to have it in the hands of leaders before the election in order to encourage God’s people to be ready to pray together next year with solid biblical hope.

I’m sure you are praying now along with millions of others. The crisis our country faces is heightened by the election. Have you thought about how to encourage united prayer after the political crisis? The early months of 2013 will be a crucial time. Regardless of how the voting turns out, the challenges we face are far greater than any political solution. That’s why we want you to examine Seek God for the City 2013 now. It may be a very worthy and valuable tool coming at an ideal time (February 13 - March 24) for the people you lead.

As in previous years, Seek God for the City is designed to unite and focus prayer through the 40 days leading to Palm Sunday, February 13 through March 24, 2013. Check out the details at or call us at 800-264-5214.

We have been able to keep the same affordable prices. Quantity discounts make the 64-page booklet available for as little as $1.20 a copy. That makes it possible to equip many in your church or community for much less than the $3 single copy price.

Please get your review copy soon. I hope you find this tool to be helpful and encouraging for those you lead. But regardless of how Seek God for the City may be used, let’s be sure to pray in united hope in the early days of 2013.

Yours in hope,

Steve Hawthorne, Director

PS We are offering a complimentary review copy to leaders in recognized positions of pastoral or prayer leadership. Call our office at 800-264-5214 to request a review copy.

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