Praying Prayers of Repentance for the 7 Deadly Sins


"Nothing could be more urgent than for God's people to come together and pray for our nation and our world. Our only hope is to turn to the Lord Jesus Christ in repentance and faith and to seek to obey Him in every area of our lives, as individuals and also as a nation...” – Billy Graham


We need to examine our hearts before leading our communities, churches, and families in prayers of repentance. We need to lay aside the sins that weigh us down. Sins such as:



These Seven Deadly Sins were first recognized as a catalog of worldly evils compiled from early Christian sources by a scholar named Evagrius Ponticus. In 590 AD, Pope Gregory the Great re-examined Evagrius and declared seven sins deadly to body and soul. They are still deadly today. The fundamental problems faced by the United States can be traced back to these seven sins.


To help you increase awareness and target your prayers, World Impact with Billy Wilson has prepared seven short videos. These videos were recently featured at the America for Jesus rally in Philadelphia where thousands gathered at Independence Hall to pray for our Nation. They can help you focus your prayers too.


Videos can be viewed at or downloaded and used in your home or church with your “thank you” donation.

 Visit World Impact today.


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  • Thank you for sharing this, Kay. The message of the root of sin is so important.  The symptoms are evident around us. May all of us who view these be convicted of our sin and take our guiltiness to Christ for repentance, cleansing and forgiveness for victory in His honor and our joy.

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