Praying From Victory



Not for victory. JESUS ALREADY WON FOR YOU.  If you pray the answer, your Faith Will Grow while you are Praying. If you pray the problem, your fears will grow while you are praying. Don't let your prayers destroy your faith. Prayer is to obtain the answer--'Whatsoever Things Ye Desire'. You don't desire the problem, so don't pray the problem. (Ref: Faith & Confession, Charles Capps)


Today We Are Declaring The Way Has Been Opened For: Total Restoration Over Suffering and Broken Lives * For A Harvest of 1 Million Souls for each Slain Minister * Unity in Personal and Church Families * Favor on Jobs, in Businesses and Finances * Academic Increase * God's Love to Surface on our Streets ……….. This We Declare and Decree in Jesus Name!  Please feel free to add your needs to this list and Let  All ATMOSPHERIC CHANGERS DECREE Around the World Over the Next Seven Days!!!!!!


God says, "I Have Opened The Way AND When I Open It No Man Can Shut It."  - - - Today We Unite Together And We Decree In Abundance!!!!




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