Lord, You are truly the Christ…truly the Son of the living God. This is s who I say You are in me and to me. You are love longing to be poured out. Lord, You are Hope fulfilled. You are the one and only water walker and enable me to walk on the waters of my life in the power of Your name as I set my face on You. Winds obey the sound of Your voice as You speak peace over my life. All My fountains are in You. No frigid circumstance…no fiery trial…no howling wind has power over You. When you tell me to speak peace to the upheavals of my life, I will with the expectation of seeing those upheavals respond to Your Word.

I am the vessel You have chosen to use for Your Glory. I am the love of Your life. I am Your most favorite one. You are pleased with me and I bring a smile to Your face as You set Your gaze upon me. I am Yours in the good and the bad. I receive strength as I eat from Your hand. I am fed.

I will not hide from Your Presence in fear, for Your perfect love casts out all fear within me. Help me to grow in the revelation of You as Christ in me the hope of Glory. No, I will not hide from You my Lord but, I will rest in Your strength.

Yes, I rejoice in You forever and thank You for the continual transformation of my life as I continually move from dust to Glory and become a beautiful garden in the midst of Your Presence. Amen.  Shared from ... Journals of the Heart


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