Politics and Prayer

We all get emails, all of the time, and usually from friends, regarding politics. I usually just "86" them, but I finally had to stand up and be counted...as a pray-er. Please see my email below that I sent to my friend:

Alright, here’s my thought. My thoughts are limited to us as Christians, not the political issues.

See where I have highlighted below (the portion that says “should strike fear”).

WE ARE CHRISTIANS!!! We should not have fear over anything!

And the verse quoted, 2 Chronicles 7:14 has nothing to do

with the non-Christian world. What the verse is saying is that us,

the ones that are praying, we have the sin in our life!

We, the ones who are praying need to come to
the Lord and ask for forgiveness.

God is in control and I for one am excited about seeing what He plans to do. Quit this idea of fear!

Also, below is a small portion of the entire email that was sent to me.

The direction
country is headed

should strike fear in the
heart of every Christian.

knowing that the

religion believes that if Christians cannot be

they should be


Remember, I am NOT stating a position for or against any political party, politician, religion, etc. I do NOT believe that this is the forum for that and would ask any of you that respond to keep your comments relative to how we are to pray. I realize that we may get a bit close to a line every now and then as we dialogue on this subject, and that's okay. But I ask you, please do not express your political opinions, rather, keep your opinions to how we as pray-ers should pray based on what scripture says.

As men and women who pray, this should give us a great opportunity to encourage believers that get wrapped up in praying "their own ideas" rather than what scripture says...but that is another blog and for another day.

Here's the bottom line friends. We do not have to fear.

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  • Cindy, tell me about this book, "5000 Year Leap."
  • The recent NDP court decision gives me cause to share what I think is the real issue here in the USA. I agree that the decision is wrong, unjustified in light of our historical founding, but, based on the way things have gone here in the USA over the last 50 years or so, it is no surprise. In fact, you might say that the decision is in perfect harmony with our "post-modern" nation.
    Have you not, like me, heard so many of our preachers around the nation stating that we are in the midst of judgment from God? They would say that we are on a downward slope that is only getting steeper and is becoming much slipperier.
    How many of us pray 2 Chronicles 7:14 for the reviving of our nation? How many, let me see all of your hands raised...How often do we look at the meaning of the verse. The idea here is God saying, "Solomon, when things aren't going well in your land, my people need to repent!" Amazing!
    Look at the book of Judges, every time the nation of Israel called out to the Lord, He answered, but when did he answer? He answered when the "saved" of His nation repented...of their sins.
    May I make this stretch here? I believe that the problem isn't that we need more pray-ers, the problem is in the prayers.
    Now before you try to stone me, hear my heart here. I am all for more pray-ers, but friends, we have had the greatest push for prayer in the last 30 years than we ever have. And all of this is occurring anyway. I believe that the answer is simple, gut wrenching, but simple and I think that Greg Frizzell says it best. He talks about mile wide prayer that has only been 1/2 inch deep, and he says, "To be effective, we must embrace emphasis much more designed to produce holy "lifestyles" of full surrender and powerful intimacy with Christ.
    Can I tell you that just writing this convicts me. I know how easy it is for me to be a "ham-bone" and not live a life fully, completely, and always surrendered to God, but I need to. I want to pray 2 Chronicles 7:14 back to the Lord and mean it, about me!
    And you know what, the bi-product of me being the man of God in 2 Chronicles 7:14, humble, praying, seeking His face (and not just His hand) and repentant...The bi-product is that God will heal our land.
    Friends, the fixing of our nation begins with us...
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