PCN Prayer Network Still #1 Wireless Plan

Summary: Owned by the Kingdom of God Corporation (TM), the Prayer Communications Network (PCN) is the oldest existing wireless communications plan, and the first such plan ever created. Once again this year, they have topped all other wireless network providers. AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint combined do not match the upload or download speeds of PCN. 

PCN's global cell coverage is impeccable. Their slogan boasts: "Our Difference is Omnipresence." I wondered if there was anything this company couldn't do! 

To find out, His Inscriptions took advantage of a rare opportunity this week to interview a member of PCN's staff, a local "Brand Ambassador" for the New England Region. A rather impressive yet somewhat "transparent" being, he surprised me by stating that he preferred (for undisclosed reasons) to remain anonymous. What follows is a transcript from our interview. 

Deborah: Welcome to His Inscriptions, and thanks for talking with us today!

PCN Rep: Thank you. I am honored to be of service to you.

Deborah: I am a happy member of the Prayer Communications Network myself, and I'm so glad you accepted my invitation to join us today. I think my readers would appreciate knowing more about your company. Would you please tell us a little about PCN?

PCN Rep: Certainly. PCN is a subsidiary of the Kingdom of God Corporation, and exists to serve the communications needs of our customers, worldwide. We are a private, family-owned company. PCN offers a superior network with high customer satisfaction ratings and 24/7 tech support. We carry a lifetime guarantee of no dropped calls, and our upload and download speeds are faster than FiOS. (TM) The reason for this is because our O/S is actually a supernaturally-powered transmission grid.

Deborah: That IS impressive. How do you do it? 

PCN Rep: Well, as our motto goes, the power is in our omnipresence. There is literally nowhere on earth that you will not find coverage. 

Deborah: Actually, I'm glad you mentioned that, because in preparation for our interview today I did some research on what previous customers have said about you. I'm wondering if you would be willing to address some of those complaints for our readers? 

PCN Rep: I'd be happy to clear up any misconceptions, yes.

Deborah: Thanks. For starters, what I've gathered is that there is some argument with PCN's claim of "no dropped calls, ever." It seems that there are some folks out there who feel they have lost their connections or run into more "dead zones" than they had anticipated with your plan.

PCN Rep: Yes, we are aware of that. Unfortunately, we have found that our customers don't always take advantage of our 24/7 tech support to clear up these issues. Many have actually left PCN when they had simple fixes that could have been resolved. 

Our employees have verified that PCN's communications network is always operative, even when other companies suffer from downed cell phone towers or power outages. The reason for this, again, is that our network is based on a supernatural grid, rather than fiber optics or radio transmissions. This was the genius of our Founder (CEO Jehovah Shammah). In other words, PCN's network is always transmitting signals. The problem is that despite universally available coverage, people are not always receiving those signals.

Deborah: What causes the poor reception?

PCN Rep: Well, Deborah, that's a good  question. Believe it or not, most people can fix their reception problems simply by resetting the batteries on their devices. Since our coverage is universal, when a PCN member loses reception, it usually indicates a need on their end to reset or recharge the battery on their personal device. Depending on their usage, and the age of their model, the recharge time may be longer or shorter. 

Deborah: What other issues are there?

PCN Rep: All of PCN's products are equipped with an on/off switch and volume control. What we've noticed is that sometimes, although your personal wireless device may be on, your volume control may be at too low a setting for you to hear incoming messages. Users have the ability to turn on or off their notification settings, too, and if those settings are configured improperly, our customers will not know when new messages are coming in. 

Deborah: So, this might sound a little silly, but how does a customer increase the volume on a PCN device?

PCN Rep: No questions are silly, Deborah. Especially not when people leave a perfectly decent company over smaller issues like this! 

The volume control feature is labeled "Prayer" on your PCN device, and to increase the volume, you just need to apply a little pressure to the Prayer button. The more pressure you exert, the louder your volume will be. Also, when you leave this feature alone, it will default to the "mute" setting.  

Deborah: I understand. As a longtime customer, I know that you also provide both online and print manuals for your customers. How effective are they?

PCN Rep: Our manuals are not just effective, they are infallible! Because they are so comprehensive, we employees call them the "PCN Bibles!" (laughing) A recent survey we conducted told us that although roughly 88% of our customers have copies of the manual in their homes, fewer than 1 in 5 actually refer to them when there is a problem, or ever read them at all.*

Deborah: How sad! 

PCN Rep: Yes, it is, especially since reading the manual in the first place would save a lot of frustration and cut down on unnecessary work for us as Brand Ambassadors. 

Deborah: Well, I'm truly sorry we have put you to the test, and I appreciate everything you guys do to keep us connected. Are there any other issues that might need clarification?

PCN Rep: Well, I hate to say it since it's so obvious, but in order to qualify for a PCN Network Plan in the first place, you do have to activate your device! (Laughter)

Deborah: (laughing) And where would a new customer do this?

PCN Rep: Just go to your nearest Kingdom of God / PCN Network location. Please be aware that many of our storefronts are actually located in churches. We have found that the overhead is a little less for us that way. Before I forget, as a special for your readers, we're offering FREE activation at any of our network locations, for new customers only. Just mention His Inscriptions when you come. 

Deborah: That sounds great! Readers, don't miss your chance to sign up with this wireless prayer communications network at PCN. I'd like to thank PCN's Brand Ambassador for being with us today, and I hope you'll join us again for our next informative interview! 

*To send a test message through PCN's network, click hereFor more information on the founder of Kingdom of God, Inc., or to schedule an interview with Him directly, please see our "About" page, right here. 
c. Deborah Perkins, 2015. Research statistics on Bible reading: Barna Research, 2014


Deborah Perkins is passionate about helping others to connect with God. She writes about knowing God's Word and hearing His voice at His Inscriptions. You can follow her on Twitter or Facebook, or contact her here. 
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