I am the one who strengthens you. I will show you the way. You do not always need to rely on other people to grow in my wisdom and love. You need Me more than anyone or anything. I am the great I AM. I am your healer when you are hurt or sick. I am love when no one is around to love you. I am everything you need. I will lead you when you look to me and depend on ME to lead you. My glory shines over you. My will is the only thing you need to seek after. I have your life in the palm of my hand, watching every move you make to assure your success and safety. My hand covers you and protects you. Believe in Me and I will guide you through the wilderness. I will show you a life more precious than you can imagine. My people know a love so great, they can barely tolerate the impact of it on their lives. They bow down in honor. Not that I demand it, but only because my love is so pure they are made grateful and filled with generosity and forgiveness. The experience of my love alone is more than any human can bare. I share with you in small doses so that you will be able to tolerate it.


I am bringing new things to pass very soon. You will see new doors open and new projects that only you can fulfill. You are ready for a new season of LOVE, JOY and PEACE. You will honor me in new ways because I will pour out so much love upon you. Do not turn to the right or to the left. Stay the course I have given you. Do the tasks I give you and lean into my presence. Do not allow distraction. Focus on the task as hand and you will see My glory on your life.


Seek My face daily for your daily download of love and perspective. I will show you the peace you have been seeking. I will show you joy instead of mourning. Your day will begin anew. Your day will contain sustenance in me and only me. I will declare goodness and mercy over you. I will declare stability, joy, peace, forgiveness and love over you. You are my joy. I look at you and see my work in you coming into it’s fruition.  Your time is here. You are about to shine like never before. Your obedience and dedication have paid off. You are ready to join in the season of fruitfulness and prosperity. You are ready to receive the fruit of your labor.

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