Of Oil-Men & Widows

A local Arab Muslim man works on the oil rigs with Western colleagues who use profanity and delight in a far-from-Christian lifestyle. Yet because they are Westerners, he believes them to be Christians. He had some English lessons with a genuine Christian believer (also Western) whose life was quite a contrast in a good way. Please pray for the LORD to provide a continued Christian witness into this man's life, and for his salvation. 

A local widow at first rejected and mocked the Christians who had come to live in her neighborhood. However, she was won over by their godly conduct and warm kindness. She has heard the Gospel explained many times, has had a dream, a divine healing, and seen an amazing answer to prayer based on Biblical truth. Please pray that whatever is keeping her from turning to Christ will be taken out of the way and that she and her whole household will become Spirit-filled followers who lead others to Christ.

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