More In Love With The Kingdom or the King?

I've traveled to Russia fourteen times and will add a fifteenth in October. It's been a privilege to teach, train and inspire pastors and other leaders there over the years. They've also taught me much and my last trip almost a year ago was no exception.

After the worship conference we helped lead finished, I and some of my team went out to a town called Istra where I've known the people and staff in a church there for over fifteen years. We helped them finance a building and have been able to share ministry ideas every time we're together.

However, this Sunday morning I got to hear one of their leaders preach in the pastor's absence and he said a line I've never forgotten. "Too many Christians are more in love with the kingdom than the King!" Wow. That phrase hit me big time both as I thought about its implications for me and then as I considered other humbling comparisons.

I realized that yes I'm often more drawn in by my work, the logistics of ministry and even the habits of spiritual growth  than the One who I serve and am supposed to love. So that day I began to think of other tensions that have challenged me to look differently at my life and what I sometimes erroneously call spirituality and commitment. Maybe they will stir something in you as well and cause you to think of other tensions that will resonate with you.

I know that I also pray differently these days as I more often think in fresh ways about the greatness of our God and Savior who meets with me each time. I ponder the presence of the One who is described in small but significant way below. Maybe your prayers will change, too.

Am I more in love with . . .

Being saved or the Savior?  I Timothy 4:10

Creation or the Creator?  Colossians 16

Prayer or the presence of the Father?  Jude 24

Worship or the One who deserves our praise? Matthew 2:2

Serving or the Suffering Servant?  Philippians 2:7

My rules or the Ruler of all?  I Timothy 6:15

My Bible study or the Word who was with God and was God? John 1:1

My way or The Way?  John 14:6

Holiness or the Holy One?  I John 2:20

Life or He who gives us life?  John 15:21

My image or the image of the invisible God?  Colossians 1:15

My stardom or the Bright and Morning Star?  Revelation 22:16

My strength or the Rock of our Salvation? I Corinthians 10:4

What I've built or the Chief Cornerstone?  I Peter 2:6

My insights or the Only Wise God?  Romans 16:27

My leadership or the Captain of our Salvation? Hebrews 2:10

My children or the Son of God?  I John 5:11

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