Lords Prayer

Many in the Christian world want to see revival or an outpouring of God hit a group of people, but we await this so that our local pews are filled. The Kingdom of God is bigger than any one church in any single city. If one awoke and all in their city came to the faith, most Christian thought would be about making a church facility bigger and better. When revival comes, and it will, enlarging church buildings will only limit beleivers. We need to re-read the epistles and see how "the gathering" of believers was split into multiple meeting places and how large gatherings lead by Paul were for the training of leaders and not to "do church." Its time to start thinking Kingdom! When we recite the Lords prayer, part of what we are doing is declaring to God that only He can bring the Kingdom and that we agree to partner with Him to release it any way He chooses to do so. This is why we need to remain in prayer with God the Father, because we have to no assume that we don't know how to 100% release His Kingdom. Yes, we make disciples as we go and baptize and cast out and free people, but we need to remember that the New Testament records disciples who were constantly led by the Spirit of God. One of the goals of my life is too awaken every morning, spend time with my best Three Buddies, Father God Jesus and Holy Spirit, and then to ask God, "How do you want me to release the Kingdom for you today?" Im not there  yet...but that is a Kingdom Goal i am learning to partner with a little bit more each day.

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