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You Can Make a Difference - PRAY NO! to drugs


CHRISTIAN NEWS SERVICE, April 7, 2014 — The 24th Annual “Just Pray NO!” weekend for the addicted is scheduled for April 26 – 27, 2014. The event is designated as the “Just Pray NO!” to drugs Worldwide Weekend of Prayer and Fasting.

Since April 7, 1991 “Just Pray NO!” has united millions of Christians from 150 nations and territories around the world in intercessory prayer on behalf of the addicted and their families.

“Confess your trespasses to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.” –James 5:16

Not only is substance abuse America’s number one health problem, the devastation of alcoholism and other drug addiction has impacted families and communities worldwide. Substance abuse has been directly linked to violence and sexual immorality and is a major source of income for organized crime and terrorist activities.

“For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.” –Ephesians 6:12

Make a formal commitment to join with believers in Christ from around the globe this coming April. Put on the full armor of God and fervently pray in spirit and in truth. We are seeking to enlist millions of prayer warriors from around the world to join us in battle!

“We are not only praying for the release of those bound by substance abuse but also for people to be delivered from pornography, gambling, obesity and smoking,” said Steven Sherman, “Just Pray NO!” founder. “We seek individuals and groups which are willing to commit to pray weekly on behalf of the addicted and their families, and then join with multitudes of other committed Christians from around the world in prayer and fasting April 26 – 27, 2014.”

If you believe that God is calling you to intercede for the addicted please contact us. To find help for addiction throughprayer and Christian ministries log on to our web site: www.justprayno.org. To learn how groups can participate in our annual prayer event, click on “Information on the Annual Worldwide Weekend of Prayer” or email: justprayno@aol.com.

For a personal interview with “Just Pray NO!”  Founder and Author Steven L. Sherman, in the U.S.A. call: (727) 647-6467 or email: justprayno@aol.com.


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Prayer Can Radically Change a Community

Around two years ago, the lead pastor of the largest church in Juarez, Mexico, was quietly praying when he was prompted by God to immediately resign his position, set up a small tent in a downtown park, and then pray and fast for 21 days.
Juarez, just over the border from El Paso, TX, made international news due to its high murder rate and very significant drug cartel influence.  Stories of dozens of daily murders became commonplace in the news.  Residents became fearful, and many moved away; if they were able to afford to move.
The pastor immediately obeyed God's command; resigning his position, setting up a tent in the park God instructed him to go to, and then fasted and prayed.
Around the fourth day of praying, the pastor was visited by a local news reporter.  The reporter, shocked to see the pastor there (the park was filled with many dangerous drug dealers and illegal activities), asked him, "What are you doing here?"  The pastor then shared all that God had told him to do.
In the days that followed, the reporter returned to check on a pastor's safety and ask for updates.  Following each visit, the reporter filed a report in the local paper.
At the end of the 21 days, the pastor felt prompted by God to visit the city's mayor.  At the same time, the mayor had been reading the reporter's updates about the praying pastor.  The mayor invited the pastor and reporter to personally meet with him.
During the meeting, the pastor felt prompted to ask the mayor, "What's the biggest problem facing this city?"
The mayor answered, "Our prison.  It's the center of all the drug activity in our city.  People find ways to get arrested and imprisoned there, just so they can profit from the drug running and money laundering happening in that place.  Also, over 60% of the prison guards are actively involved in the cartels as well.  We, as the government, feel powerless to do anything to change that situation, or to help our community's safety."
The men then prayed together.
Soon, God gave the men a plan.  They jotted it down, then set about implementing it God's way.
The next day, Mexico's military came to the prison, surrounded it, and shut all of its activities down cold turkey.  Next, hundreds of doctors and nurses, specializing in drug rehab, were brought into the prison to work with the 1,000+ men; helping them come off of their drug highs and move toward sobriety.  Next, pastors and church leaders were also brought in to pray, share the gospel with each prisoner and prison guard, and counsel each person inside the walls.
Over the next couple of months, over 60% of the people within the walls of the prison placed their faith in Jesus Christ.  Many discovered healing from addictions, and others found a passion to share the gospel instead of deal drugs.

Over the next year, the crime rate in Juarez dropped by over 90%!

This is one of many things God is doing in our world, and it's one that serves to embolden and strengthen the prayer lives of Christians everywhere!  Did you notice how the story started?  It started by one man humbling himself, praying to God, and listening for His voice/prompting.
Let's look at what God told Solomon in the Old Testament:
“When I shut up the heavens so that there is no rain, or command locusts to devour the land or send a plague among my people, if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. Now my eyes will be open and my ears attentive to the prayers offered in this place. I have chosen and consecrated this temple so that my Name may be there forever. My eyes and my heart will always be there." - 2 Chronicles 7:13-16
Humble ourselves and pray.  It's pretty simple, yet also easy to miss in the busyness of our lives.
At that time, people prayed in temples.  Today, we are temples of the Holy Spirit; God's Spirit living and dwelling within each follower of Jesus Christ.  (1 Corinthians 6:19-20)
God is working all around us, but He's also waiting for His children to seek Him in prayer for the people, places, and world around us (in addition to our own lives, thoughts, and motives).  We don't have to wait for tragedy, death, or destruction to hit our communities or neighborhoods before we begin to pray.  We can do so right now; and watch what God does as we seek His face!
Good friend, Dave Butts, the Chair of America's National Prayer Committee shares this brief, but encouraging word.
"It's an exciting thing to be in on what God is doing; to bring about tremendous change that can only happen from the Lord!" - Dave Butts


"I can just imagine Satan gathering all the demons in hell and discussing what they can do to destroy Christians. And Satan says, 'Keep them from praying. Because no matter what else they do, if they don't pray, we can beat them every time. But if they learn how to pray, they'll beat us every time. Keep them from praying.'" -Dr. Sidlow Baxter

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Help for the Addicted

The weekend of April 26 - 27, 2014 has been designated as the 24th Annual “Just Pray NO!” to drugs Worldwide Weekend of Prayer and Fasting. Since April 7th, 1991 “Just Pray NO!” has united millions of Christians from 150 nations and territories around the world in intercessory prayer on behalf of the addicted and their families.

To find help for addiction or compulsive behavior disorders log on to our web site: http://justprayno.org.

To learn how groups can participate in our annual prayer event, click on “Information on the Annual Worldwide Weekend of Prayer” or email: justprayno@aol.com.

When you go to our justprayno.org web site you can find help for addiction through prayer and Christian ministries.

Check out our blogs for:

• Teachings on Prayer and Fasting

• Biblical Insights into Combating Addiction

• More about the ministry of “Just Pray NO!” Ltd.


Then the LORD said to Moses, “Go in to Pharaoh and tell him, ‘Thus says the LORD God of the Hebrews: “Let My people go, that they may serve Me. Exodus 9:1

When the Hebrew slaves were in bondage in Egypt they cried out to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob for a deliverer. Passover recalls the deliverance of Israel from the bondage of Egypt. Passover is both a historical account and a prophetic picture. Moses “The Deliverer” is a type of the Messiah (Christ). The bondage of slavery in Egypt is a type of the bondage of sin in the world. Pharaoh typifies Satan. The Passover, when the firstborn male child passed from death to life by the blood of the lamb, is a picture of our passing from the kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of the Son by the shed blood of the Lamb of God.

Persons who are addicted need to break the demonic strongholds in their lives by repenting of their sins and placing their trust in the finished work of Christ on the cross. They need to be born again and receive the power of the Holy Spirit in their lives.

Many people wonder why God does not help them when they cry out to Him to be set free from their addictions. The reason that they remain in bondage is that they want to be set free – but are unwilling to surrender their lives to Jesus. The “KEY” that will set a person free is to understand that the Almighty’s purpose in setting a person free is to “SERVE HIM.”  Jesus must not only be your Savior but your Lord!  When you cry out, “Dear Jesus, forgive me of my sins and deliver me from my addiction and I will serve you the rest of my life!”– Not only will you be set free, and have a healthier lifestyle, you will inherit eternal life, know true joy and receive God’s blessings!

Remember to find help for addiction through prayer and Christian ministries log on to our web site: http://justprayno.org.

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