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As the VP of Marketing and Company Chaplain for EnergyCAP, Inc., I have an exciting announcement—today we launched a new blog at with weekly emails to encourage you to connect with God at your workplace.

Nowadays, we’re more connected than ever. We don’t have to be in the same office with coworkers or be face-to-face with clients to communicate with them. Phones, video chat, email, instant message, text, webinar, and wireless internet access are everywhere. Yes, we’re more connected than ever.

But how’s your connection with God at work? Do you keep your relationship with God going at the office or do you drop him off at the door when you come in?

Let me ask this a different way. How often are you a Christian? Consider this: a 40-hour work week is about 50% of your waking hours. So if you slough off your faith at work, that’s 50% of your week. But connecting with God at work helps you remain active in your faith all the time.

The Bible says that God did not spare his own son on your behalf; he gave his only son for your sake. Did God do this so you could pursue him 50% of the time? Did God give only 50% of Jesus for you?

God gave all of his son for all of you so you could have all of God all of the time. This includes your working hours.

Your faith is too important to leave at home, which is why we launched We will encourage you to connect with God at work intentionally and consistently. You may be saying, “But I don’t have time for that” or “But you don’t know where I work” or “I wouldn’t know where to start.”

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