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July 2011
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Our High and Awesome Calling as Intercessors
Prayer Initiative for North Korea
9/11 and the IPC
World Prayer Assembly Update
4-14 Window Global Summit - Singapore
Mexico Drug War
North American Prayer Summit
South Sudan is "on Fire" and Needs Prayer
Iran: Silence from the Prisons
Commonwealth Christian Assembly
India Missions Association National Leadership Conference
Pray for North Africa
Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem
Pray 52
The Response USA
10/40 Window Sunday
Call to Prayer for the WPA
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Our High and Awesome Calling as Intercessors
"When the Church learns the power of prayer...they will shake the world." - R.A. Torrey


In Old Testament Israel, the high priest would venture into the Holy of Holies to confess the sing of his people and carry out the vital business of intercession with God on their behalf. In the New Testament, this privilege of priesthood has been extended to all believers through the New Covenant that our high priest, Jesus, has enacted through the offering of His own blood. The apostle Peter proclaims that we who were washed with His blood have now become a "royal priesthood".


We as New Testament followers of Christ have also been given the prophetic mantle that was once reserved for isolated prophets of old like Isaiah and Jeremiah so that the Apostle Paul wrote the Corinthians that "you can all prophesy". In addition, one day we will actually rule and reign with the Lord as His royal heirs. In the meantime, through prayer, we can utilize the awesome authority He gives us to affect the nations, indeed our whole globe, in order to advance His purposes until that day when His glory will cover the earth like the waters cover the sea.


Derek Prince, in his book Shaping History through Prayer and Fasting, said a stunning thing: "God has vested in us - His believing people on earth - authority by which we may determine the destinies of nations and governments. He expects us to use our authority both for His glory and our own good." He based this astounding statement on Jeremiah 1:9-10. In that passage, the Lord says He will put His words in the prophet's mouth and in so doing will appoint him "over nations and kingdoms". God's words, spoken forth by an insecure, self doubting teenager, would have a revolutionary impact, affecting the very life and destiny of societies. History bears out how accurately the God-inspired prophetic prayers and words of Jeremiah were fulfilled.


Centuries later, Jesus erupted with fiery rage at the Jerusalem temple when He found that a preoccupation with marketing and money had subverted the temple's ministry and priesthood's calling as a "house of prayer for all nations". What a tragic diversion had taken place since apparently the very wellbeing of the world and its peoples was dependent on the prayers from that place!


It could be said that the future of our planet is now in the hands and hearts of today's intercessors. These are people who share God's heart, allowing His Word and Spirit to guide their praying as they encounter the world in all its disturbing darkness and hopeful possibility. Having more access to late-breaking and comprehensive information than any other generation before us, we have an unprecedented and awesome privilege to shape history through prayer.


Theologian Walter Wink, in his thoughtful book, Engaging the Powers: Discernment and Resistance in a World of Domination, has penned one of the most compelling rationales for the importance of intercessory prayer and the profound influence it can exert on world affairs. He affirmed: "History belongs to the intercessors, who believe the future into being...These shapers of the future are the intercessors, who call out of the future the longed-for new present."


Be assured that our heartfelt, faith-filled prayers will make a huge difference to the wellbeing of our world!


John Robb
PINK, Prayer initiative for North Korea, September 18-22, 2011 - Nation-Transforming Breakthrough Needed!
Several hundred South Korean church leaders, along with international intercessors and prayer leaders, will gather near the DMZ, the border between North and South Korea, to pray for the Lord's deliverance and transformation of North Korea, probably the most oppressive and evil situation on earth. It has been called a vast prison camp in which the most awful suffering is being experienced by the great majority of the population. Government officials like Kim Jong Il live the luxurious life while millions starve.
Please pray with us for His anointing, guidance and unity in the Spirit for this crucial initiative. May we will all have His heart for North Korea and pray out His prayers together for breakthrough.


New Prayer Documentary Video on North Korea a "Must See"!


Here is the link for the just completed prayer video on North Korea that we are using in conjunction with PINK, Prayer Initiative for North Korea, Sept. 18-22, that will happen in South Korea shortly. This hard-hitting, heart-stirring video was produced by Ken An and SohMyoung Lee, Korean film producers with the Pan Pacific Film Festival in Los Angeles. Please see it, let your heart be broken, and pray fervently with us for the liberation of North Korea and reintegration with its southern sister of South Korea. Share the video with intercessors and prayer leaders you are in touch with. We want to use it to build united prayer throughout the world for a change in NK.


9/11 and the IPC
"Yes, Lord, walking in the way of your laws, we wait for you; your name and renown are the desire of our hearts." Isaiah 26:8


Ten years ago, it was the horrendously tragic 9/11 terrorist attack that helped catalyze the formation of the International Prayer Council in the weeks that followed. Thirty-five international prayer leaders answered Ben Jenning's call to meet in New York City at the beginning of December 2001. We struggled to pray at Ground Zero, expressing our deep grief but also extending forgiveness to the extremist monsters and their backers who, because of their bondage to an ideology so full of deception and death, had just wantonly murdered 3000 Americans.


As we prayed and deliberated about the way forward in the global prayer movement, it seemed obvious that it was a time for a "network of prayer networks." It would connect prayer leaders and intercessors across the world to pray concertedly for the effective resolution of global and regional issues such as terrorism, humanitarian disasters, and especially for the fulfillment of the Great Commission and implementation of the Great Commandment.


The key word is "connect". The IPC has been used by the Lord to join brothers and sisters in Christ together across the globe to pray with an informed and united focus in many different situations and venues since 2001. Here is a partial list of what has been accomplished thus far so we can rejoice, thank God, and look ahead:


1)  International Prayer Leaders Consultation, Cape Town, South Africa, November, 2002 - almost 300 prayer networks gathered to launch the IPC and regional prayer networks cross the world.


2) Regional prayer summits through these networks have brought together prayer and ministry leaders in virtually every region of the world. Some regions have met several times and continue to pray and work together for God's transformation.


3)  National prayer initiatives, many of them with IPC-related facilitation teams, have been arranged and led in at least 30 nations. In many cases, the Lord has brought about major transformations by ending wars, removing evil leaders and enabling the formation of national unity governments. He has also ignited spiritual revival among participating pastors, denominational and even political leaders as His people have repented, become reconciled and prayed.


4)  International Prayer Consultations have been held in conjunction with other major events such as the Lausanne Forum in Thailand, 2004, Malaysia, 2006, and the Global Day of Prayer conference, 2010.


5)  Global Day of Prayer - since September 2004, the IPC has gone to bat for the GDOP, helping to mobilize participation around the world through its links with other prayer networks and ministries. Up to 300 million have taken part in these annual days of united prayer for our communities and world.


6)  Two global Children in Prayer Consultations, bringing together children's workers from more than 60 nations, were held in Malaysia (2006), and India (2008). These times of cross-fertilization, along with video and written resources and a new website, helped inspire and broaden the rapidly growing Children in Prayer movement now in possibly 100 nations.


7)   International Prayer Initiatives for the United Nations connected over 400 prayer leaders from 70 plus countries to pray with ambassadors inside the chambers of the U.N. (2007 and 2009).


8)  Rich relationships of love and trust have been developed through such connections, enabling a wonderful Kingdom synergy that has released human, financial and other resources to flow where they are needed.


9)  Now, the IPC (by this time also known as International Prayer Connect) is taking on its biggest challenge yet - the World Prayer Assembly. For the last ten years, we have thought and prayed about this possibility. In connection with the Indonesian and Korean prayer movements who will be co-hosting and with the support of many other prayer networks worldwide, the WPA will take place next year (May 14-18) in Jakarta, Indonesia. See


Many colleagues in the IPC and thousands upon thousands of other brothers and sisters in Christ have prayed and worked together to make all these things happen. Thank you for the crucial, vital roles you have played, sometimes involving considerable personal sacrifice. As that old saying goes, "It is not what you know but who you know that really matters!"


However, in the final analysis, it is the Spirit of God who has stirred our hearts to join Him in united intercession for our world and the outworking of His loving purposes for it. As Isaiah goes on to say in that same passage, "All that we have accomplished you have done for us." Let us, therefore, reflect, rejoice and give thanks to the Lord who has done "immeasurably more" than all we have asked or imagined!


John Robb
IPC Chairman
World Prayer Assembly Update
If you are a ministry or marketplace leader, a youth or child leader, you are invited to be a part of the World Prayer Assembly, May 14-18, in Jakarta, Indonesia. You can register to participate at
In a series of Jakarta meetings with the Indonesian national committee August 18-22, colleagues and I heard encouraging reports about the progress being made by the youth, children, and marketplace tracks as well as about the significant mobilization effort for the WPA happening within their country. There is no doubt in our minds that the WPA is a real "God-thing". His hand is so obviously upon the planning process, and He is bringing so many diverse leaders, networks and movements together to make it happen, not just in Indonesia but from throughout the world. We believe it will be not only a historic convergence of the prayer, mission and marketplace movements, but also a history-changing encounter with the Lord and one another that will rock our world.


Youth and children will be a central part of the Assembly. Youth and children's track leaders announced that they are now making arrangements for 40,000 youth and children to take part in the May 17 national stadium meeting that will occur during the WPA. That evening, 100,000 will gather in the stadium to pray together for Indonesia and our world. It will be carried live on national TV to an estimated 5 million other participants in 200 cities of Indonesia where there will be similar gatherings. Through satellite TV, the broadcast should reach around the world to tens of millions more in what will be one of the largest, perhaps the largest, prayer gathering in history.


Please continue to pray for:


1)   His guidance and help for the international planning team with our various task forces.


2)   the Indonesian national committee working on all the logistics.


3)   those whom God is calling to come from every nation, even the small island nations.


4)   His provision of the financial needs of participants, speakers and facilitators as well as for the extra costs to arrange the WPA (about $2 million still needed).


5)  His protection from radical elements that would try to oppose and hinder and for the goodwill and support of the authorities.


Thanks so much for your vital support!


New Video on the Children's Track of the World Prayer Assembly


You can receive the just released WPA children's movie with English subtitles when you connect to



When you enter this address, there are 2 options: left side (premium - you must pay) and right side (regular download for free). Allow a few seconds for the regular download to load so you can click it. You can then choose the regular download for free. It will take approximately 13 - 15 minutes for the download (9.2 MB), depending on your internet speed.


Enjoy the video and please pray that the children God is calling from within Indonesia and around the world will be able to take part in the WPA.
4-14 Window Global Summit - Singapore, 6-9 September 2011
Your sons and daughters will prophesy...Your young men will see visions. - Joel 2:28 NKJV


The first two Global Summits in New York were built mostly around vision casting and providing a venue for networking. The third 4/14 Global Summit in Singapore will serve as a platform for 10 Global Tracks to significantly expand their reach in advocating for the 4/14 Window movement through their track forces.


During the 4/14 Window Global Summit III, Christian leaders from around the world will dialogue to determine the strategic opportunities before us and will develop specific strategies to rally the Body of Christ worldwide to prioritize the 4/14 Generation as our missional focus.


For more information, see


Please pray for His anointing and guidance for those gathering in Singapore that there will be effective outcomes to raise up the children and youth of our world as agents for His Kingdom!
Mexico Drug War - More Answers as We Pray!
"Will not God bring about justice for his chosen ones, who cry to him day and night? I tell you, he will see that they get justice and that, and quickly. However, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?" (Luke 18:7-8)
Here are some reports from our friends at BridgeBuilders Int'l who faithfully report on the situation in the drug war and the U.S. - Mexico border:


In the last two weeks, two drug tunnels were discovered along the Arizona border. Agents in the Border Patrol's Tucson sector, which covers most of Arizona's border with Mexico, discovered eight tunnels through the end of July of this fiscal year. That is three more than the same period last year, said Mario Escalante, a Border Patrol spokesman in Tucson. Those eight do not include the two tunnels discovered in the past two weeks.


Arrests were made of several Sinaloa Drug Cartel bosses on Wednesday. The takedown was part of an 18-month investigation that yielded more than 30 arrests in Utah, California and Nevada, said Sue Thomas, a spokeswoman for the Drug Enforcement Administration.




Let's pray:
For the remaining drug cartel leaders to be brought to justice quickly and for President Felipe Calderon and his government to be wise and effective in winning the drug war. He told a group of Christian leaders that "only through prayer" to God could this battle be won.


Holy Death Sect


The Holy Death sect is gaining followers in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico's murder capital, where rival drug cartels have been battling for every inch of turf, according to Fox News' Latino News.


Three Holy Death churches have opened in the past two years in the border city, drawing hundreds of people to pray and make offerings to the "White Girl," a skeletal image dressed in women's clothing. She is called Santa Muerte or "Holy Death." A federal marshal says the shrines to the skeletal "Holy Death" are a growing presence, not just along the U.S.-Mexico border but throughout the United States. "Based on my experience, it appears she is the most popular icon being used by the drug traffickers, criminals not just in Mexico and not just along the Southwest border area but throughout the entire United States, " said U.S. Marshal Robert R. Almonte of El Paso.


Priestess Yolanda Salazar said, "Someone who lives in danger, like the federal police officers, or really any person who lives here in Ciudad Juarez, needs greater protection. And if there is someone who can save you from a tragic death, it's the Holy Death". Drug traffickers and even residents of some sections of the border city battered by drug-related violence ask the Holy Death for protection, sometimes putting up chapels where alms, tequila, cigars, candy and other offerings can be left.


The church, which is open 24 hours a day, tends to fill up on Sundays, when a service takes place. 'It is a protective entity, benevolent, just and equitable. God put the world in her hands since she is dedicated to gathering souls when the flame of life is extinguished,' the priestess said." BridgeBuilders Int'l Leadership Network


Pray for those in the cartels and those under the influence of false gods and spirits like Santa Muerte (Holy Death) to be set free and to come to Christ.
North American Prayer Summit, September 27-October 1
Prayer and ministry leaders from Canada, Mexico and the USA will gather near Santa Fe, New Mexico (USA) to pray for our three nations and continent for the sixth time we have been together. This occasion, we will also be blessed by having brothers from other parts of the world to share their hearts with us: Anton Cruz (Royal Kids, India), Peter Sekhonyane (South Africa transformation prayer movement), Brian Mills (Interprayer and IPC) and Matteo Calisi (Catholic Charismatic Renewal and Reconciliation).


Please pray with us for a magnificent time of encountering the Lord together and praying out His heart for North America. May many new things be birthed through the Spirit's work among us!
South Sudan is "on Fire" and Needs Prayer
Messages from reliable sources coming in about Sudan Government forces' continued bombing in the Nuba Mountains describe a severe crisis in the Blue Nile region. One message just received from Sudan says: "Southern Blue Nile region is on fire, and we need to pray." Fire here means vicious onslaught on the civilians by the government forces. How many innocent people will die?


Please pray:


1)   that God will show his might for those who are helpless in the situation and be their shield and their protection.


2)   that He would change the hearts of the leaders and that world leaders would see what is actually happening and take appropriate response.


3)   that the people committing these things would be held accountable and that the works of the evil one in Sudan will be destroyed.


4)   for Muslims in Sudan - that God would reveal Himself to them and that they would turn to Jesus in their millions.


Based on reliable sources inside Sudan (relayed by Norman Johnson)
Iran: Silence from the Prisons
A Report from Elam Ministries


"Currently we know of eight Iranian Christians still imprisoned for their faith. Six have spent several months in jail: Farshid Fathi, Vahik Abrahamian, Abrahim Firouzi, Masoud Delijani, Noorollah Ghabitzadeh and Yousef Naderkhani - who was sentenced to death.


There has been very little news of the well-being of the prisoners, though there are unconfirmed reports of ill-health, solitary confinement and continued mistreatment. This silence increases the stress on the family and supporters of the imprisoned.


Two Azeri Christians, Vahid Rofegar and Reza Khanamoei, were arrested on July 15th near the city of Kalibar and are now in prison. These arrests might be linked to complaints about the spread of Christianity in Azerbaijan.


The majority of the nearly 300 believers arrested over the last year have been released, either on bail or with severe warnings and threats against any further Christian activity.


Please pray for news from the prisons, for families of the persecuted, and wisdom for those advocating for the persecuted.


Though there is silence from the prisons, the cries of the people of Iran ring loud and clear as the message of the Gospel continues to have an impact across the nation...Despite the increase in persecution, we have seen a growing thirst for the Word of God in 2011. The more we have distributed the New Testament, the more popular it seems to have become. The more programs we produce for TV, the greater the response, and the more people we train for ministry, the faster the church grows.


Please pray that the cries of the people of Iran will be heard, and that the Holy Spirit will touch every broken life."
Commonwealth Christian Assembly to Celebrate the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM)
Momentum is building for the Commonwealth Christian Assembly to celebrate the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) being held in Perth in October! What started as a small seed has now grown to a massive prayer movement, involving believers in 52 nations, schools, organisations and churches all over Australia. In India, there are approximately 600 churches taking part, and this is still growing. Ghana is aiming to get 540 churches praying, ten in each province. Several non-Commonwealth nations are taking part also, with the Philippines being particularly involved.  In Perth, there are over 100 churches taking part and around Australia around another 100 churches. You can now book online to be part of the Commonwealth Christian Assembly events in Perth this October. This includes:
Celebration at Challenge Stadium
SHINE Assembly at various locations around the city
CONVERGE week of community prayer and worship
Special River Prayer Cruise


Please visit our website to Register and to get involved.


The Commonwealth Prayer Initiative Team
India Missions Association National Leadership Conference
  1. For safe travel and financial provision for all participants and resource persons and for politically peaceful atmosphere in & around Hyderabad with His glory hovering over.
  2. For God's anointing over the speakers, resource persons and all those who will be taking part and that all invitees will go back fully charged to do greater things for God in the context of discipling our nation.
Rev. Susanta Patra, General Secretary, India Missions Association (Serving Missions and Churches to fulfill God's Vision)


Eastern India Prayer and Harvest Network


North East India Harvest Network is committed to mobilize intercessors and church planters within India and the neighbouring countries since 2000 AD with many milestones already as a result of God's answer to united and strategic prayer initiatives:
  1. After 40 days of fasting and prayer initiative - joined by more than 700 Churches and Prayer groups - revival broke out in Mizoram and the neighbouring states of eastern India resulting in the salvation and renewal of thousands of people.
  2. So many prayer mountains, prayers groups had been raised up in NE India through the efforts to network and specifically focus on "Transformational Prayers" for revival in the Churches and healing of the land.
  3. We are connected with national and international prayer networks like NPN, GDOP, WIN, etc. and facilitate them to connect with others. Many missionaries are now doing cross-cultural mission works in South and South East Asia and Africa as a result of these partnerships.
  4. This year our slogan is "Celebrate a Million More" as we begin to praying for a million more intercessors and a million more new believers to harvest by 2012.
  5. We are focused on Bengali and Assamese people. Church planting movement is going on. January this year, 1,420 new believers were baptized, and last month 725 were baptized again while 520 are waiting to be baptized this month.
God has given us Isaiah 54:2-4 for this year - A year of expansion and multiplication! Praise the Lord!


Pray for North Africa!
The Association representing evangelical churches in one of the North African countries has now received official recognition from the Government. This in turn gives the churches it represents legal standing and a legal right to gather and worship. This is not a blank cheque, and legally the believers can still be imprisoned for sharing their faith with a Muslim, so I urge you to keep praying.


In a neighbouring country, one national believer has had his apartment broken into by an Islamist. His Christian material was burnt, but he remained unharmed. Praise God for protecting our brother but continue praying for God's divine boldness.


These who turned the world upside down


...These who have turned the world upside down have come here too. Acts 17:6


In this time of revolutions, it is necessary to remember that it is not man that turns the world upside down but the power of the Gospel, God partnering with man and establishing His Kingdom.


The gospel has the power to change everything from individuals and families to whole communities, Government to social care, business to education. Every aspect of life as we know it can be changed through the power of the Living Word abiding in His people and working through them.


Pray God's mighty hand to be made known across the region.
Pray for a revelation of our Father's ever-present Love among believers.
Pray for God to raise up people who bring the Kingdom of God to every sphere of influence.
Pray for the Holy Spirit to abide in power.
Pray that God would make the wrong things right.
Pray that millions oppressed by the enemy will see the light of Christ and leap into His arms of Love.
Pray for justice against the forces of the enemy and mercy for the people of North Africa.
Pray for the will of God to be done.




Libya has remained on the headlines, and we want to encourage you to boldly intercede and declare God's word over this nation, that His glory might be revealed. Pray for the leaders of Tunisia (along with the rest of North Africa) to seek truth and justice as they prepare to establish a new Governmental structure. A change of Government does not guarantee change; it is the removal of the old spiritual powers and the establishing of the Kingdom of God that will bring true lasting change.


Pray for God to raise righteous leaders and for the Church to mobilize in prayer ahead of the elections.


Pray for Algerian Arab Peoples


The Algerian Arab People group is probably the largest people group in North Africa. Algerian Diaspora can be found globally but particularly in France. You can go to this link to find out more about them:


Pray for more laborers to be raised up from among that people, for persons of peace that will open their homes for the Gospel and for revelation of God's love.


Praise God for the Algerian Church license!


From a letter from two believers within Algeria:




On the 18th of July, the General Secretary of the Algerian Protestant Church (EPA) received from the Algerian Minister of Interior the full license to give the right and the freedom for all the Churches of the country affiliated with the EPA to worship and meet freely. This means that the Church is fully recognised by the government, and it will give the right for the local Church to develop their activities.


Please pray for:
  1. the registration of the local churches with the local authorities to go smoothly
  2. the total abolition of the March 2006 ordinances that are still affecting the freedom to evangelise and distribute Christian literature.
  3. a brother who has been sentenced for 5 years imprisonment because of his evangelism. He has appealed and his court case at the Supreme Court will take place on the 29th September. Please pray that he will be acquitted.
Egypt's Ongoing Revolution


There are reports from Egypt that religious extremists with a totalitarian agenda are trying to hijack the movement toward greater democracy and freedom for all. They are bound by their ideology and the deception of Satan who works through ideological strongholds in the mind to control large numbers of people. We have seen this in many places but also seen the Lord break through and shatter those grips over whole peoples through united prayer initiatives that He has used to change history, stopping wars, removing wicked leaders, etc.


Praise God that Egypt has a strong and discerning prayer movement that can see what is happening and pray authoritatively and unitedly for the overthrow of the principalities and powers that seek to enslave the Egyptian people again. It is not a flesh and blood conflict. Pray that extremist fanatics who are jockeying for power in the new Egypt will be unable to take power. Here is a reflection on what is happening from a Christian leader within Egypt:


"In the largest demonstration since toppling Hosni Mubarak's regime last February, more than a million Egyptians, mostly Muslim Salafis (fundamentalists) and Muslim Ikhwan (Muslim Brotherhood), appeared Friday, July 29. They shouted Islamic slogans, held banners and called for an Islamic Egypt at Tahrir square, the same square where the events of January 25th that shook the world took place early this year. The Muslim groups in Egypt came together in what they called "The Uniting Friday" after their major prayer on a Friday afternoon, calling for the law of Allah to be applied in Egypt...On that day, many of Egypt's people were deceived & were dancing with shouts of joy declaring, "We will celebrate and then start building our new Egypt." At that day, naively, no one expected Islamic slogans. They wanted a civil society that promotes religious freedom and human rights.


In today's demonstration, the facts started to be unfolded, mostly Islamic slogans were shouted:
  • "The Quran is our law and constitution."
  • "Egypt is our nation and Islam is our path."
  • "Islam victorious more and more and you, non-Muslims, must go."
  • "We will apply the law of Allah and whoever disobeys we will set their life to anguish and distress."
  • Egypt's people, yes, yes, all of them want the law of Allah."
Moreover, Sheikh Mazhar Shahin, the imam of the major mosque at Tahrir square, affirmed in his sermon at Friday's major prayer that those demonstrators at Tahrir square are the first core group to free Jerusalem from the infidels. Furthermore, Shahin emphasized that it is a fact that Egypt is a Muslim country, and its identity is none but Islamic, but the Copts are still to be considered "partners in this country."


What is going on in Egypt? No doubt that today, more than ever since Mubarak's toppling, Christians are concerned as well as moderate Muslims. The international society that was in favor of forcing Mubarak to resign appears now to be silent in front of the current groundbreaking news as if there is nothing to do to protect human rights in Egypt and to support the establishment of a secular democratic nation.


The Muslim moderate organizations in the West also seem to be silent in front of the rise and influence of Muslim fundamentalist groups in Egypt and turning their back to all the cries of the moderate people. There is a sharp dissonance between Muslim moderates and fundamentalists that is taking place now worldwide, and few seem to address it. Meanwhile, Christians are suffering in some places in the Middle East hearing all those hatred slogans.


In the West, there are voices that could give Muslim minorities their rights, or at least call for it. In the East, especially places like Egypt, who is defending the minorities' rights?


In the West, in most parts, one could hear the songs of peace and reconciliation among Muslims and Christians while people in Egypt heard the uncommon sounds of everyone but fundamentalist Muslims should leave.


The church is Egypt supported the revolution and was fantasizing or dreaming of great days to come, where Christians and Muslims can live in peace in one great nation! A dream that I still hope will come true one day."


Please pray for an open and fair society to emerge within Egypt that respects and upholds the rights of all, even the minorities. Pray that the people of the Lord will be strong and do exploits for Him in the midst of the continuing turmoil and uncertainty of the situation.
Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem, Sunday, October 2
We are urged to take seriously the Biblical responsibility of Psalm 122 to join millions of other believers in praying for Christ's peace to be upon Jerusalem and the inhabitants of Israel, both Jewish and Arab. As the Bible said it would, Jerusalem has become a cup of controversy on the global stage today (Zech. 12:2-3). One of the organizers writes:


"RIGHT NOW...there are increasing threats from many nations against God's covenant city, there are escalating tensions surrounding the inhabitants of the land of Israel, and there are ever-increasing global repercussions for all mankind because of the critical situation.


As these global challenges arise, however, GOD is present. His response has been to stir the hearts of Christians from China to Germany and from Kenya to Brazil, to raise their voices in fervent intercession with His Son, on behalf of Jerusalem and all her inhabitants, both Jew and Arab alike."


For more information and for resources to help you participate go to or call Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem office at 1-800-519-4647.
Pray 52 - A Year of Non-Stop Prayer for 52 Weeks in 52 Nations with Christian Minorities
man praying
Strategy: Every week, two nations are encouraged to mobilize all Christians to stand in the gap to pray for their nation: the national Christians, expats, missionaries and mission agencies working in that nation, and churches that are supporting missionaries in that nation. Every nation is encouraged to take 2 weeks of extra-ordinary and non-stopprayer for their nation, one week every 6 months.


Encouraging believers to come together in larger groups (where possible) to have extended times of prayer.
  • Encouraging believers to have prayer rooms or prayer watches where all 168 hours of the week can be covered in prayer.
  • Encourage Christians from other nations to send prayer teams to those nations during the specific week.
  • Every nation use all possible means to mobilize the church in their own country.
Prayer focus for the first 6 months: the Church
  1. Establishing new believers in Christ (Phil. 4:19)
  2. Salvation of unsaved and church that will take Matt. 28:19-20 seriously.
  3. An outpouring of the Spirit of Prayer and Supplication on the church (Zec. 12:10).
  4. That God will fill the church with the power of the Holy Spirit (Acts 4:28-31; Eph. 5:18).
  5. For the church to reach out to the poor and needy as well as the social need and pain in their communities (Eph. 2:10; Isa. 58).
Prayer focus for the second 6 months: Godly leadership in the church and establishing of the kingdom of God in all spheres of society


For more information, contact: Information also available in Arabic, French, and Farsi.
The Response USA, August 7 - Excerpts from a Report by Joel Rosenberg
response people
"We need another Dunkirk," said Dr. James Dobson at Saturday's national day of prayer in Houston as he recounted the famous story and called American Christians to devote themselves to prayer and fasting. "God answers prayer." He is absolutely right.


What an encouraging day during such a discouraging week! Against the backdrop of a severe financial crisis and near-crippling political gridlock in Washington, the S&P's first-ever downgrade of American debt, the increasing prospect of a double-dip recession, and the terrible tragedy of the murder of 30 American special forces heroes in Afghanistan -- including operators from the Navy's SEAL Team Six -- more than 30,000 Americans gathered peaceably here yesterday to pray for the Lord to have mercy on our country. They joined together with evangelical Christians gathered at some 1,300 satellite viewing locations in all 50 states. They implored the Lord to spare us from the judgment our many sins deserve. They pleaded with the Lord to pour out His Holy Spirit and give us a Third Spiritual Awakening. They chose, too, to pray for the Lord to bless the State of Israel and the Jewish people, and prayed faithfully and passionately for the peace of Jerusalem.


"The Response" was no ordinary prayer meeting. Personally, I've never been to anything like it, and I was blessed by every minute of it. There were no political speeches. No entrance fees. No offering. No fund-raising appeal. No merchandise sold. No light show. No entertainment of any kind. This was simply seven straight hours of prayer and fasting, heartfelt contrition and repentance, Bible reading from the Book of Joel and many other Scriptures, and wonderful worship - both modern praise songs and beloved hymns - with every generation represented along with so many races and ethnic backgrounds. Let's do more of this...


How often do 30,000 American believers gather not for entertainment but simply to fast, pray and worship all day long? Yes, some feared the event was going to be political. But it wasn't. Yes, some feared what would be said or done would be theologically off base. But it wasn't. I know because I was there. I wish even more had been there, too. We need more pastors and ministry leaders to teach and follow the Book of Joel, not fewer. We need more officials to call for prayer and fasting and to be encouraged for doing so, not fewer.


I'm grateful to Texas Governor Rick Perry for helping call for this event to take place, for encouraging people from all over the country to participate, for standing his ground against intense liberal and atheist opposition and even a federal lawsuit (which was dismissed), and for speaking and praying at the event despite many calls for him not to do so. "


10/40 Window Sunday (October 2, 2011)
A special opportunity to focus prayer on a region of the world that is home to:
  • The majority of the world's Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists
  • The majority of the world's least-reached people groups
  • The poorest of the poor (more than eighty of every 10 impoverished people)
  • 45 of the 50 nations where Christians are most persecuted.
When: The first Sunday of every October. This year, 10/40 Window Sunday will be celebrated on Sunday, October 2nd.


Where: In your home, with your small group, at church...Anywhere Christians gather to seek the Lord.


Why: Because the 10/40 Window is the "final frontier" of world missions. In order to finish the task given to the Church, we need to pray! "Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you..."-the Bible, Matthew 28:19,20.


How: Mark Sunday, October 2, on your calendar. Tell your friends, family, small group, pastor....Plan to join with Window International Network and countless Christians around the globe in interceding for the 10/40 Window.


You don't have to wait until October. Start praying today! Visit us at for nation profiles, prayer points, and to learn about how you can get involved in reaching the people of the 10/40 Window.
Call to Prayer for the World Prayer Assembly (WPA), May 14-18, 2012
wpa children


Please keep praying for the WPA! Your prayer support will be all-important to the planning of this event which is intended to be a "new paradigm" for an international congress-carried out Acts 13-style-incorporating listening to God, united prayer, and strategic implementation of world-impacting action that proceeds out of that encounter with the Lord and one another.
PC Calendar
June 13 - September 10: 90 Days of Blessing (the Global Day of Prayer). (downloadable prayer guide at this website. 


September 5 - September 2, 2012: Pray 52 - A year of non-stop prayer for the church and by the church for 52 weeks in 52 nations with Christian minorities.


September 14-16: Himalayan Global Summit 2011.


September 14-17: India Mission Association National Conference, IMA Vision City, Hyderabad.
September 19-21: Prayer Initiative for North Korea (PINK) in Seoul, South Korea; 300 local church leaders and 50 international prayer leaders and intercessors. Purpose: Gathering South Korean church and prayer leaders with internationals to pray for the liberation of North Korea and for the healing and transformation of the Korean peninsula. If you are in prayer ministry, you can write to our office for an invitation.
September 27 - October 1: North American Prayer Summit. Purpose: Annual summit of Canada, Mexican, and U.S. prayer leaders to pray for their 3 nations as well as common continental issues. Those in prayer ministry in North America are welcome to ask to be invited. Registration deadline: August 1st. Email:
September 28 - October 9 (Tour, October 9-11): All Nations Convocation, Jerusalem, and Watchmen's Tour of Israel.
September 29 - October 2: Canberra House of Prayer, Australia.
October 2: 10/40 Window Sunday.
October 2: Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem.
October 20-30: Commonwealth Christian Assembly (SHINE). Night and day prayer, worship, special events, and sessions with international and local teams.
October 24-29: CONVERGE during the CHOGM week. Night and day prayer, worship, special events, and sessions with international and local teams. 
November 6-11: National Prayer Network Intercession in Hyderabad, India. (Onassis Jeevaraj)
November 11: Global Day of Worship.
December 1-4: Generation Fire Solomon Islands Gathering, Faarau House of Prayer - Faarau Malaita.

January 27-29: The 13th Annual Sudan Prayer Gathering in South Africa combined with a Global Concert of Prayer for Sudan. 
March 24 - April 6: Un-lock North Africa Prayer Journey to Algeria and Istanbul.
April 8 (Easter): Release of "Messiah" movie.
May 14-18: World Prayer Assembly, Jakarta, Indonesia.
The IPC Website
The website consists of the following sections, and we would appreciate it if you could assist us in the following ways:
  1. Home: Please send us news of international prayer-related interest such as upcoming initiatives and conferences. We will update our calendar regularly with such dates.
  2. Regions: Please send us strategic prayer requests and alerts for your nation or region. 
Please send your suggestions to the IPC administrator Cheryl Sharps at
About International Prayer Connect (IPC)
"Compelled by God to seek Christ's glory worldwide for the blessing, healing, and transforming of the nations, International Prayer Connect exists as a coalition of prayer networkers and mobilizers working together to motivate, develop and equip national movements and local churches to fill all nations with prayer for the fulfillment of the Great Commandment and the completion of the Great Commission."


The IPC is not an organization as such. We are a fellowship of people involved in mobilizing prayer throughout the world. We function as an international "network of networks", connecting international, regional, and national prayer ministries and networks. We also arrange or support special prayer initiatives that bring prayer leaders together from time to time to pray for matters of regional and global concern to the Body of Christ. Regional prayer summits have been arranged or supported by the IPC in most regions of the world as well as international prayer initiatives for the United Nations, Hollywood, and other issues.


The IPC is led by an international leadership team, now called the International Prayer Council, is composed of twenty leaders who coordinate regional prayer networks or international prayer initiatives of various kinds. We seek to be catalysts and connectors within the global prayer movement towards the fulfillment of Habakkuk 2:14- that "the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea."  


We do not have an official membership but connect with individuals and networks through IPCConnectionsa periodical newsletter distributed via e-mail to give prayer information to interested people. Please share this newsletter with prayer coordinators, prayer network leaders, and others who have an interest in the global prayer movement so that they can be informed about different prayer initiatives, existing prayer networks, and how to participate in them. 
Donating to IPC through PayPal
PayPal is an online banking service that can receive donations from over 30 currencies worldwide through automatic draft and credit cards. It is safe and secure. International Prayer Connect is a non-profit ministry funded through the Transformation Prayer Foundation and relies on individual donations to keep the work going. If you are willing to provide support, please click below. Thank you for your sacrificial gift to IPC! Click Here to Donate
Contacting the IPC Office
Cheryl Sharps, IPC Administrator


IPC Website (free resources and information for all ages):


NOTE: Constant Contact is our mass e-mail service. If you have unsubscribed from the newsletter through Constant Contact, you will not be sent other information you might be expecting from IPC. To get back on specific database mailing lists, you will need to sign up again at You may choose from 3 e-mail lists (IPC Connections Newsletter, Children in Prayer, and/or International Prayer Alerts) when you click the link.
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