I Began the Day with Jesus

I Began the Day with Jesus

I began this day with the Master

Today he came first and everything else after

Opening up to him about all my reality

I got right into it and told him about me personally.

He tend to always know everything before I share

But I feel better when I tell him even though he was there

I often go into a tell all tale

All the little secrets I begin to unveil.

At times when I'm done I think, 'girl that's so messed up.'

He smiles and say, 'Oh I've heard so much worse.'

Then he reminds me that once forgiven he remembers no more

And on that note I can rest assure.

However, there are times when he has to assure, secure and advise,

Even tell me no but never tell me why

So to say the least, we get along very well

He is my Friend, my Brother and yes the greatest Father.

He highly recommends that I use the talents that he has given me daily

Knowledge, understanding, counsel and wisdom

And not seek my own strength or handle matters prematurely.

Inspired Poetry by – Star Pratt

Nassau, Bahamas.

~Inspired to Invoke Divine Change~

2:00pm - January 22, 2010

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