From Wimpy Prayers to Bold Praying

Most weeks, I type out a note to encourage and embolden fellow Christians to pray and go deeper in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

This week, I offer to you a recording of Prayer Leader David Butts titled, From Wimpy Prayers to Bold Praying.  It runs around 35 minutes in duration, but I promise you that your faith will be challenged and encouraged as you listen.

If you feel "stuck" in your prayer life; like your prayers seem ineffective or lacking in power, what David has to say will help you to move beyond where you currently find yourself.  Here's the link to his message to Life Action Ministries.

I want to express thanksgiving to the Lord and to those praying for OnSite.  This past Saturday, I led around 15 adults and students on a prayer walk around their local schools.  God revealed many matters to praise and seek Him for as we walked and prayed- and we're seeking Him to pray on site there again this year!

On Sunday, I was able to lead around 50 people in a rural Wisconsin church through a time of modeling and experiencing quiet time (time personally set aside) with God.  Afterwards, a number of people expressed joy and amazement at how quickly and easily God will meet us when we seek His presence.

"We thank God for leading you in this ministry.  The Church desperately needs to see and experience the work you're doing!" - Ben and Kim

I ask for your prayers this week and coming weekend as I meet with individuals, plus also prepare for the next "Adding Value to Your Relationship with God" training on Sept. 14th in LaCrescent, MN.

Thank you for your ministry in prayer!  May the Lord continue to teach us to pray, every day, and in every way; for His glory, for the strengthening of His bride, and the expansion of His kingdom in advance of His glorious return!

Rob Griepentrog

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