Extreme Obedience—At Least When It’s Cold

I was just settling into a comfortable spot on the floor in front of the fireplace on a bitterly cold winter night, with pillows perfectly positioned. I was reading a book written by a friend about dealing with disappointment when God seems to "disappear." *

Suddenly I had that thought...you know...the one where you wonder if it's God speaking or simply your imagination.

Go and read your book at Caribou Coffee.

I desperately hoped it was my imagination. It was cold and dark. I was warm and comfy.

Go read your book at Caribou.

Rats. It might be God.

I tried to ignore it. I tried to rationalize my way beyond it. Do I really have to?

But the thought wouldn't leave. So I got up, put on my winter coat, and stepped into the cold--pondering again the purpose of obedience.

As I walked into Caribou, I told the Lord I had no idea why He invited me here. But if it was simply to see if I would actually leave the warm fire--then so be it!

I ordered a caramel high rise. Figured I deserved it.

Then the guy behind the counter spoke up. "What book are you reading?" he asked.

Oh, my. That opened up a dialog that continued for several minutes with the interruption of a few customers passing through.

Turns out the Caribou guy was exploring lots of things: Hinduism, reincarnation, Buddhism, and even Christianity. But his big issue? He wanted proof. If Christianity is true, he needed some answers to tough questions. A friend had encouraged him to read The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel, but he wasn't sure he could buy that Christianity is the only way.

I finally wrapped up the conversation by telling him that I would pray for him while he read the book. I said I would ask Jesus to prove Himself if He really is the truth.

"What's your name?" I inquired, just wanting to make my prayers a bit more personal.

"Thomas," he replied.

Oh, my. I suppressed a laugh, but my heart swelled with gratitude that God cared so much about Thomas and his doubts that he would send me out in the cold to pray for him.

Yes, we have to. We have to be obedient to those promptings of God if we want to see His amazing work!

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