How did we get to the point where there is a pervasive attitude of “You owe me?” As a grandfather I understand the desire to spoil the kids, but I wonder if in the spoiling we have created a monster?


It is an attitude not just with kids, but with adults as well. Everyone seems to have their hand out and expect the government, their parents, or anyone to step up and give them what they want. It does not matter that they did not earn it. They want it, and in their mind, they deserve it (for some reason).


How do we stop the madness? Quit giving people everything they want! When I was growing up we had to earn our allowance and it wasn’t a crazy amount of money either. The chores were not difficult, but it took some of the burden off my parents and gave me a sense of accomplishment in the process. What happened to letting people earn what they get?


I know there are people who are disabled and get welfare. I am not trying to put the ones who truly deserve it in this discussion. I am pointing out that we have countless people on welfare that are milking the system. We have untold numbers of kids who don’t know the value of a dollar. We have adults who never learned to earn money, so they expect someone to ante up for them. They don’t care who does it either.


I wonder how many billions of dollars are wasted every year on people who don’t really need the help but demand that they get it? I know that this is a huge problem for our country and possibly around the world as well. We have to use common sense and admit that the system is broken.


We definitely need to help those who are disabled, but there are too many able-bodied adults and kids who are content collecting their checks and never lift a finger.  We can start by setting the proper values in our own families. Let them earn their keep. They will appreciate you for it when they are grandparents. The only way to stop the madness is to change what we are doing.




Dan Skognes


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