Effective Prayer

I consider these makers as basic objectives of effective praying:

• Spirit-led:  Seek first the Spirit ... "What is the mind of Christ (topic/focus that is prompting me to pray?" Be still and wait for direction and the discernment to know who to pray in concert with Jesus as he intercedes to the Father. Begin with listening, not listing.

• Worship-bred:  Every prayer must be born out of worship; praise, petition, posture ...

• Scripture-fed:  Launch your prayer from the word of God; scripture is foundational. The Holy Spirit is waiting to guide you into praying; launch your prayer by reading or reciting scripture.

• Corporate-said: Pray with others but pray as in a concert (each person makes a different sound but plays from the same sheet of music), not as in a recital (each person takes their turn and simply goes down their list). Make a joyful noise; together.

• Globally-spread: Our prayers are for God’s kingdom to come and his will to be done. Effective prayer often begins after we have reviewed our lists (listing simply tells God what he already knows). 

Try this: Before you move from one request to the next, add "so that." The Spirit can use those two words to extend your praying from the obvious need to the greater will of God, no matter what the issue or need or problem. "Lord heal my friend ... so that ... he can return to work and support his family."

Phil Miglioratti


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