CA Drought

Please pray for California to receive water (precipitation). This state produces a ton of food, more than I ever knew before i looked up the CA department of food and agriculture web site. The consequences of drought in CA can negatively effect the whole country, easy. Pray for rain, snow, and miraculous intervention on the land. The following are some stats on food production for 2012. Boggles the mind on how much food come out from CA. 

California’s agricultural abundance includes more than 400 commodities. The state produces nearly half of US-grown fruits, nuts and vegetables. Across the nation, US consumers regularly purchase several crops produced solely in California.

California’s top-ten commodities for 2012 are:

Milk — $6.9 billion
Grapes — $4.449 billion
Almonds — $4.347 billion
Nursery plants — $3.543 billion
Cattle, Calves — $3.299 billion
Strawberries — $1.939 billion
Lettuce — $1.448 billion
Walnuts — $1.349 billion
Hay — $1.237 billion
Tomatoes — $1.170 billion

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