Blessings of Prayer in WV

I wanted to begin to share with you all some of the stories being shared with me by our State Prayer Leaders here at the National Governors' Prayer Team. This is one from Pastor Ron Thaxton. I will let the story speak for itself through it's writer.

"Amazing!" This was Gov. Joe Manchin’s response to the reading of Proverbs 16:9-13 from the New Living Translation. As I read this passage I inserted the word governor in place of king. In part: "The (governor) speaks with divine wisdom; he must never judge unfairly."

My mobile phone had buzzed with the urgency of a text message last Wednesday as I participated in the monthly board meeting of Believe in West Virginia. As I glanced down I saw that it was from Nancy. The Governor’s Office had called to request prayer on Friday at 9AM in the reception area of his office - in 48

At Governor Manchin’s request we had been bringing prayer to him on a monthly basis, but my last offers to come had met with silence. I had assumed that this time had come to an end - apparently not.

With the network of prayer relationships in our state it is not difficult to galvanize a team of intercession at a moment’s notice. The reception area was set up for the announcement that was to come later that afternoon as to who was to temporarily fill the vacancy left by the departure of our long-standing Senator Robert C. Byrd. We gathered in the area closest to his office which would be at the back of the room. As Gov. Manchin came out he led us to the front of the room and asked us to form a circle surrounding the podium from which he was to make his announcement. He told us that the podium had been hand-made for him by two residents of the Davis Juvenile Correction Center.

It was at this point that I read the passage of scripture to him. He asked for prayer for the decisions that were being made even right then in the Legislature. Turning to the lady on his right he said, "You begin praying!" And we went around the circle sharing in intercession and prophetic insights. Some of the members of the team have shared what they heard and saw - expressing a desire that these be made known for agreement. Here are their partial observations.

I believe...a ‘fullness of time juncture’ for West Virginia. We believe this is ‘new territory and new frontier’ for West Virginia. Byrd left a mantle for another to now pick up. It stated over and over in the newspapers – he stated it himself – that he laid the foundations and now we were to build on those foundations. The one that picks up this mantle or that the Lord allows to pick up this mantle will be like it was with Elijah and Elisha; he will not only step into what Byrd was doing but will now need to take WV farther or move/advance her farther to reach her destiny. God is continually moving and we must move with Him. So I believe the Lord will position WV to ‘build’ – we are ‘living stones’ that are supposed to ‘rise’ to move forward His plans and purposes for WV.

...prayed about the tipping moment in history. How Esther was put here for such a time as this. And she was so committed to the cause, to not backing down from what she felt was right, that she said if I perish, I perish. Open heaven right now.

"...the blood, the blood of Jesus over the Governor and his family..."

"...prayers crying out from under the ground. Reminded him of his time at TD Jakes service last year and the destiny that was spoken over the state. Time of birthing. This is it!"

"We are here for such a time as this."

What stood out to me most was Governor Manchin's heart. He spoke about how bad things were in Washington and he didn't understand how people could do things to intentionally hurt others. He said that although everyone may not agree with his decision as governor, but he can go to sleep at night because he strives to 1) PROTECT 2) PROMOTE and 3) HELP the people that he serves.

And then Governor Manchin closed, "Since I was a child, I have sought you. I want to be in Your will, serve where you want me to serve."


"May the God of endurance and encouragement grant you to live in such harmony with one another, in accord with Christ Jesus, that together you may with one voice glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ." Romans 15:5-6 ESV

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