Ascension Day!

Ascension Day (40 days after Resurrection Day) has become one of my favorite days.  Why?  Because I really think it was one of Jesus’ favorite days!

This is the day (on the Church calendar) that Jesus spoke the “Great Commission” to His disciples (Matthew 28:18-20.  This was the day He ascended to the Father’s right hand, and the Father made His enemies a footstool for His feet (Ps 101:1)!  This is the day His prayer of John 17:1 (to glorify the Son) was answered!  This was the day He entered into His current ministry of intercession (Rom 8:34).  These are among the wonderful things which took place in Jesus life that cause me to conclude that this was (at least one of) Jesus’ favorite days of His life.

As I considered this, here is an  ”Ascension Day” version of the Lord’s Prayer (taken from Living Prayer: The Lord's Prayer Alive in You.)

Today, heavenly Father, we enter into Your joy and the joy of Your Son as  we consider this day when Jesus, after His birth, life, death, and resurrection,  ascended to You in great triumph! This day, as You made His enemies a footstool for His feet, You proved again that You alone are the One worthy to be called holy. It proved that Your kingdom had been established and would be brought to fulfillment. It proved that Jesus had done Your will by completing His earthly work.

Now, as He intercedes for His church, we join Him and say, “Yes, give them today what they need today and each day. And let them apply the blood that has been applied to Your altar to all the areas of their life so they may receive Your forgiveness. As they rejoice at how You have forgiven them, let them follow You by forgiving others. Lead them in paths of righteousness so they may be so delighted in Your exaltation that they have no time, need, or desire to turn away from You toward temptation.” And as we celebrate Your complete victory over the evil one, remind us that even though the outcome of the battle is determined, it is not over yet, and we still need Your deliverance and protection.

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