I am writing you today to invite and urge your partnership for Orlando 2011: A Leadership Consultation to Revitalize & Reshape Evangelism and Missions in the U.S..  Pastor Phil Miglioratti, Coordinator of the National Pastors Prayer Network (NPPN) is providing significant leadership for Orlando 2011.


Orlando 2011 will take place April 4-6, 2011, in Orlando, FL.  See more at http://www.missionamerica.org/Brix?pageID=23811


Internationally respected prayer leader Steve Hawthorne from Waymakers (http://waymakers.org/) and myself are serving Orlando 2011 by planning and leading the prayer "consultation" team as we review and identify strategies for mobilizing prayer that will influence prayer evangelism for the next decade.


Here's how you can help:


1.  Serve on the Prayer planning team to help finalize plans for the Prayer consultation sessions.


2.  Attend Orlando 2011 and lend your expertise to the Prayer consultation sessions.  See more information at http://www.missionamerica.org/Brix?pageID=23810


3.  Pray for Orlando 2011.


4.  Share this invitation with others with a passion and interest in prayer.


Andrew Murray said, "The man who mobilizes the church to pray will have the greatest impact on world evangelization than anyone in history."  Together, we can make a tremendous impact for good in our nation.


Please reply today to let me know how you will partner with us in seeing our nation turn back to God.


See more current information on Orlando 2011 and what God is doing across the nation below.  Contact me with questions at tbush@visionsd.org.  Blessings, Thomas



Thomas Bush| Prayer Coordinator San Diego SBA and San Diego Regional Prayer Network
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