An Act of Worship

My husband had surgery in July to remove a
benign tumor from his thigh. It was outpatient surgery, and was a
complete success! We saw numerous answers to prayer in the process - from it being a benign tumor, to it not being in any muscle tissue, to it being encapsulated so they could get it all out! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! However, he had a 6" incision with staples in it,
which will take a little while to recover from.

So, naturally, I was very busy taking care of 3 kids AND a
husband. By the end of the day, I was exhausted. (I was so thankful for our church family bringing us meals for those first several days.) I hadn't taken the time to be in the Word in the evenings because
I was so tired, and my time in the mornings - which isn't as consistent
as I would like it to be even on normal days - was rushed at best. Of
course, the enemy wasted no time in trying to condemn me for it. Once
again, I started falling for the lie that if I didn't spend time in God's
Word every day, God would. get mad at me.

I was delighted to get to go to church with the kids the Sunday morning after his surgery and let my husband get some peace and quiet at home. I walked into the sanctuary while the
first song was starting. I got in the pew and used that first song to
just soak - unwind from the week and get my heart right for worship.
(I'm usually a big advocate of getting your heart ready for worship
BEFORE you show up for church, but again, with the week I had had...) One
of the things I was "saying" to God was confessing that I had not made
time to worship Him in the last few days. And then, I had one of "those'
moments - the ones where the Holy Spirit speaks so clearly to your
heart that it seems audible. He said, "Dear One, don't you realize
you've been worshiping Me all day long every day this week? Everything
you've done to serve your husband and your children has been an act of
worship." WOW! What a huge weight of guilt that set me free from! I
immediately recognized the lies of the enemy that I had been listening
to, renounced those lies, and my heart was set free to soar in the
freedom of the grace of God!

Now, it certainly doesn't mean I did everything right. I got impatient
several times with the kids, and sometimes I didn't serve in the right
spirit. But God saw the intention of my heart. He heard my confessions
when I messed up. Our Heavenly Father chooses to look past our mistakes,
when we're covered in the blood of Jesus Christ, and receives our acts
of worship.

"The Lord is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and rich in love.
The Lord is good to all; He has compassion on all He had made." Ps.
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