A Book Report...

... And a plug.


It has been a year since Living Prayer: The Lord's Prayer Alive in You has been published, and I am still receiving some very encouraging comments about it.  Here is the most recent.

We just finished doing a study on your book about the Lord's Prayer.  It was AWESOME!!!  It opened our eyes to what God is doing and wants to do in our lives through a simple prayer all of us learned as new believers.  Thanks!!  Tim

A common theme is how this very familiar prayer has become fresh to them.  I am thrilled at this.  This book was written after years of using the Lord's Prayer as a pattern of my own personal prayer life.

I have had the privilege of 7 years of good theological education, 25 years of pastoring, been exposed to great books and godly people, but nothing has shaped my life nearly as much as treating Jesus' simple instructions on this vital topic of prayer very seriously.  Those early morning times when I have asked Jesus to, "teach me to pray" and then listened as He tutored me using the words of the Lord's Prayer as the curriculum have shaped not only my prayer life, but my entire life.  I have logged hundreds of hours doing this and it is still fresh.

So, whether someone gets there via my book, another book, or just on their own, I long for every believer to have those special times with Jesus.

More is available at www.livingprayer.net



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