#ItSeemsToMe…A journal ​can be a​ metaphor for ​your faith journey​.

Your cover may be ornate, artsy, or​ plain. The pages may be bound or spiral. ​Call it a diary or your notebook. Small or large. Personal or ​customized for a group.

In any case, it gives you space to articulate your faith.

  • Clarify your beliefs.
  • Take notes on teachings.​
  • Quote wisdom.​
  • ​Set forth your convictions and commitment​s
  • ​Write down what you learn from conversations with other believers.​
  • Express worship and praise.
  • Compose prayers that ​reveal the desires of your heart.
  • Describe your attitude or view of life,​.
  • ​Remember ​opportunities when you share your faith.
  • ​Identify ​occasions of serving or caring for others.
  • Acknowledge struggles of how to balance righteousness​ ​and justice​; law and liberty.​

​Everyone has a unique journal that tells the story of their life of faith.

Some journals are well-worn with uncountable notes, questions, stories, maybe some poems or doodles.

Some look brand new. Not much to see or read. Maybe empty.

Phil Miglioratti @ The Reimagine.Network

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