#ReimagineDISCIPLESHIP...from “in The Way” by Gerke
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  • Phil MIglioratti shared the post below on his Facebook page. Here is our conversation on this post.

    Riçhard Henrí --> Phil Miglioratti
    Are you suggesting we #ReimagineChristianity by no longer writing books or giving sermons about the "Upteen Ways to Ignite, Improve, Implement, Instruct and Otherwise Do Everything in Christianity?"

    Phil Miglioratti --> Riçhard Henrí
    Are you suggesting such? (:>

    Riçhard Henrí --> Phil Miglioratti
    ABSOLUTELY!!! That AND any and ALL books published relating to God and His Church should be presented as though they were transcribed: Shared by _______. Why? Because these are turn offs to educated people. The kind of people that are intelligent enough to have a relationship with God-- faith, but no longer will submit to the will of "men"-- religion. These are the Evanlogicals who are part of the Church, but no longer go to church. Evangelists: Open your eyes, look around and pay attention. (:<</body>
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