Kayak in Mist

Kayak in Mist
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  • It may well be Alaska.  Anyway, thanks for the chat.  Blessings.  Ron <><
  • Ok.   It looks so much like parts of Alaska in Summer.  I too enjoy kayaking althou I am still a learner.  Thanks for sharing the picture.
  • Tena -- I wish I knew!  I discovered the photo in an online kayaking newsletter and, like you loved it.  I wish I could give credit to the photographer but in capturing the photo I neglected to get the name.  I'm sorry for that, but am happy you like it.  I enjoy kayaking myself as it seems about as close as I can get to the Father through appreciating the beauty of all He has created.  To date most of my kayaking has been on Lake Gaston in North Carolina -- and the photo looks like one that could well have been taken there.
  • I Love it.  Where is this at?
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