Prayer Request

I'd like to post a prayer request to all of the prayer warriors in this group. My nephew, Evan, is 17 years old. He has ulcerative colitis. They have tried infusions and he also participated in a medical trial that didn’t work.

They are going to remove his large intestines and his colon on Friday. The surgery is scheduled to take 8 hours and have 8 surgeons participate. He will live the rest of his life with a colostomy bag. So sad for such a wonderful young man to have to live with. Evan is a gifted musician/singer/songwriter and uses his gifts for the Lord.

Please pray first that God would miraculously heal him so he wouldn’t have to have the surgery, but if not, please pray that the surgery will go well and for wisdom for the surgeons. We would also ask that whatever the result, this trial will be for God’s glory.

My brother, Evan’s father, is a pastor of a church near Boston.

Thank you.