Time Traveler





 My times are in your hands.

             Psalm 31:15 NIV





I am the Timeless God—holiness to cancel yesterday’s sins.

     My grace transforms your down-on-yourself guilt into upbeat gladness.

     I have not rejected you—I have given you Christ’s righteousness.

     You are a sinner by nature—you do not deserve or merit My love.

     My Son is perfect—He did not deserve what happened to Him at Calvary.

     Like Barabbas, it should have been you; instead, you are free.

     I am your forgiveness.


I am the Enough God—Hiding Place to calm today’s sorrows.

     I shelter you from accusing tongues, sustain you through distress,

          and save you from the addictive power of sin.

     I am your Time-out from the rat race and Anchor on high seas.

     When your daily schedule gets crazy and hectic, take a deep breath—

          breathe out worry about possibilities, breathe in worship;

          breathe out fear of contingencies; breathe in faith in My power.

     I am your Fortress.


I am the Unchanging God—hope to celebrate tomorrow’s surprises.

     In all the universe, I alone will always be who I have always been.

     I made promises I intend to keep—My faithfulness will not fail.

     Anticipate the ultimate fulfillment of My perfect plan—

          believe the overcast unknown will brighten in My time.

     Whatever change comes your way, rest assured I will keep My word.

     For the time being, rely on Me to lead you in honorable paths,

          rescue you from the evil one’s malicious strategies,

          and reinforce you to bravely move ahead.

     In your darkest times, keep believing in Light beyond light—

          follow your Guide across the fearful ravine to Tranquility Meadow.

     I am your future.


Count on My unchanging love to absolve your embarrassing past,

     accompany you on your present journey, and guarantee your heavenly home.  Place yesterday, today and tomorrow in My hands—

     then you can enjoy the time of your life!




© Pastor Johnny R. Almond                        Day 204, Gentle Whispers from Eternity


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  • Lord God, 

    Thank You for forgiving us and setting us free from our sins and giving us eternal life through the suffering of Your Beloved Son, Jesus Christ.

    Thank You that You are timeless.

    Thank You that You are enough.

    Thank You that You are our Fortress.

    Thank You that You are the unchanging God.

    Thank You that Your faithfulness will not fail, ever.

    Thank You that You will see to it that Your perfect plan will be fulfilled.

    Thank You that we can rest assured that You will keep Your Word.

    Thank You that we can always rely on You.

    Thank You that You rescue us from the evil one's malicious strategies.

    Thank You that You bring Your Light into our darkest times.

    Thank You for guiding us safely across fearful places to Your Tranquility Meadow, as described in Ps 23.

    Thank You that You will take care of our past, present and future, because You are our future. 

    Years ago You spared my father's life when that bomb exploded at the military base. He lost friends then, but it was not Your timing for him to go. That happened when he was 96 years old, peacefully in his sleep, like You had told me it would be. Thank You, God.

    It was very hard for me when my son died so suddenly at age 39 and I struggled so long to know if it was really Your timing for him, but You have now given me peace that You determine the times for men. He was a brave soldier too, trying to help suffering kids. Thank You God.

    Thank You Lord God, that You are Supreme and the Father of all compassion.

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