Think about it Evanlogically.

Sharing faith in Christ.  How do we begin?


Well, how do we start sharing math with pre-kindergarten children?


“OK, boys and girls, open your “Calculus for Everyday Use” text book to page 316.”


There was no pre-school back in 1951.  When I started school in “grade 0” in 1953, the teacher asked us how high could we count.  She didn’t even use a book.


So, how do we start sharing Christian faith with pre-believer children of God?


“Friend, look here in the Bible.  See what it says in John 3:16.”


Christianity is straight forward and simple.  YES!  SIMPLE!


Heaven is perfect.  Are you perfect?  Can you rectify all your flaws going back to your birth to make yourself perfect? Other theologies state that all one needs to get to Heaven is more good deeds than bad. Is that perfection? How could Heaven be perfect if imperfection is allowed to enter?


Put away “The Book” for later use.  Start with counting… and Who can be counted on.

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