The Savior's Challenge


           If anyone wants to come after Me                                     

                   he must deny himself,

 take up his cross day after day and follow Me.

                        Luke 9:23 MLB



If you want an extraordinary life, you must make extraordinary choices.

If you wish to stand out from the crowd, you will have to stand up for Me.

If you yearn to reside in the highlands, you must move out of the swamp. 


Self-denial is not the way of the world, but it is the way of true wisdom.

“What’s in it for me?” worldlings ask—“How can I help you?” is better. 

Epicureans party and make merry, but they live empty and pointless lives. 

My followers cry their heart out over sin, then live rich and meaningful lives.

The cross is I, crossed out—your ego put in its place in the light of Calvary.

Egocentricity paves the road to hell, but self-sacrifice reflects heaven’s heart.


Cross-bearing is the last thing most want, but it is the first thing I ask of you.

Egotists hold life tightly, then miss the deeper meaning of existence.

My followers lose themselves in My service, and discover true significance.

Shouldering a cross means splinters, reminding you of My sacrificial love. 

Initial enthusiasm often dies when trouble hits, but real disciples persevere.


Discipleship means following Me, your Master, wherever I lead.

Do not run from suffering—it is part of the territory of obedience.

I endured excruciating pain for you—now it is your turn to hang in there.

Who you say I am determines your staying power—conviction keeps going. 

Follow Me not just on some ideal future day—today is the day of service. 

Avoid procrastination of life’s most serious business—seize the day!


A selfish, warped world is out to get all it can for itself.    

But I call you by My Holy Spirit to live a better life—for Me, for others.

Do not begin all your prayers with I — do not conclude them with me.

I did not expect to be waited on hand and foot—neither should you.

I am your Example—do you really think you are too good to live My way?

Move beyond your own wants—consider the needs of your neighbors. 

Avoid exclusive focus on personal ambition—think of others’ agonies. 


Determine in your heart to go with Me all the way to the cross.

Do not pay attention to the crowd’s ridicule or waving palm branches—

     just ride your little donkey as best you can. 

Even in pain and loneliness—even when it gets rough—keep following.

The Via Dolorosa was not a cake walk—following Me has not gotten easier.

But if you walk in the steps of My wounded feet, you will never regret it.







© Pastor Johnny R. Almond              Gentle Whispers from Eternity


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