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John Teter, author of "The Power of the 72: Ordinary Disciples in Extraordinary Evangelism"
"I love the biblical model of anonymous but faithful disciples who engage their world with the news -not the advice- of the gospel."10172146678?profile=RESIZE_710x
"The 72 were the answer to (Jesus') earnest prayers to the Lord of the harvest. But let's be honest. they must have been terrified. Their anonymity allows us to pause and wonder if we could be among the seventy-two disciples; the 72 were unknown rookies just like you and me"
"The 72 were sent to demonstrate the same explosive power of God that raised Jesus from the dead...They were sent with great energy and zeal to love, serve,and bring new life to the city...operating as a team. Standing alone, the newly appointed evangelists would have had a difficult time embracing and overcoming the challenges. Each evangelist was given an immediate partner. Each two-person ministry team was part of a much bigger thirty-six person evangelism battalion.  Together, there were seventy-two personalities, seventy-two diverse perspectives, seventy-two prayers, and seventy-two voices."
"My research has identified the benchmark events present in process conversion:
1) trusting a non-Christian;
2) experiencing God and the good news of the gospel;
3) hearing and understanding the good news; 
4) receiving a clear call to follow Jesus."
"Ministry success is not based on how many come, but on how many go."
Responding to Luke 10:1-2, you say, "He didn't begin with ministry strategy. Jesus started with prayer."
"After Jesus taught the 72 to pray earnestly for more kingdom workers...Jesus taught them how to eat with non-Christians while being detectivesinvestigating the spiritual foundation of their new friends." 


Introduction: Welcome to the 72

Part I: Theology
1. Faith Comes First
2. Sent to the Poor
3. Wolves, Bears, and Crushing Pressure

Part II: Application
4. How People Become Christians
5. Earnest and Powerful Prayers
6. Friends: Secular to Sacred
7. Experience: Healing and Hearing
8. Conversion: Rejoice with Me

Epilogue: A Final Benediction

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