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The Lord God called to Adam, “Where are you?”

                       Genesis 3:9 NLT


     Sometimes your mind is so preoccupied with chasing the wind—arranging your busy schedule, balancing your budget, and mapping your future—you do not even notice Me calling you.


     I am not in the windstorm of your anxieties, the earthquake of your ego, or the fire of your frustrations. I speak to you in the hushed tones of providence and the still small voice of conscience.


    You are typically running so fast in your human race that you cannot hear Me walking nearby. You may think of Me as being at a great distance, but in reality    I am nearer to you than your hands and feet and closer than your breathing.  I would really enjoy your friendship. If you will stop hurrying long enough, slow down a few minutes, and take a walk with Me, I have a few questions for you.


     Where have you been? I have noticed that you have been extremely busy, actively pursuing earthly success. Do you understand that I have a higher standard by which to measure eternal significance? No matter how many rungs you climb, it would be humiliating for you to reach the top of the wrong ladder!


     Where are you now? After all your merry-go-round days, your hectic pace, your frequent moves, and your accomplishments in life, what is the current state of your heart? Do you feel fulfilled, satisfied, and content? Are you at ease and relaxed with who you are and what you have become? Are you hiding from Me? Or am I your Hiding Place?


     Where are you going? Have you pondered your direction? If you continue on the road you are traveling, where will you be ten or twenty years from now? Are you willing to trust Me with your destination? Will you allow Me to arrange your itinerary? Does your heart hunger to enjoy paradise? Care to go for a stroll?



        © Pastor Johnny R. Almond                             

Day 2, Gentle Whispers from Eternity

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  • Lord God,

    Thank You for wanting to be my Friend. I am so grateful for this. I am not always good company, You know that so well. But I hope that You will at times enjoy my friendship... maybe the moments when I look up at the sky and see the beautiful blue color, and the clouds that look like feathers and thank You for Your creation and the beauty and remembering that You uphold all things by Your powerful Word.

    But I confess that I do struggle with trust when life's hard moments hit, but I choose to trust You with the destination of each one of us in the family. I want to allow You to arrange our itinerary, but my understanding of Your ways is very feeble. Maybe Your Spirit can help me and my family with this, please?

    Yes, You are my hiding place, because everyone who runs to You makes it (Ps 18:30 MSG).

    Yes, I want to go for a stroll again with You. We can watch Your birds and look for the first spring flowers. Thank You for inviting me, Lord Jesus.


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