Meaning in the Madness



Through thick and thin, keep your hearts at attention, in adoration before Christ, your Master.

          Be ready to speak up and tell anyone who asks why you’re living the way you are.

                                             1 Peter 3:15  THE MESSAGE

In a superficial world, heart-beauty is the meaning of character.

The madness of appearance is more concerned with looks than real life.

Ego can be senseless.

Practice the regimen of grace and be changed from the inside out.

     Value character above cosmetics—beauty is more than skin-deep.

     Be gentle and quiet—qualities I find more attractive than gold.

     Trust Me at all times—faith is lovelier than any face-lift.   



In a selfish world, helpfulness is the meaning of compassion.

The madness of apathy enthrones self and leaves no room for others.

Egotism is stupid.

Travel the boulevard of blessing.

     Seek unity and enjoy peace.

     Be courteous and increase your influence.

     Be kind to your enemies and demonstrate maturity I am looking for.


In a sinful world, holiness is the meaning of Christlikeness.

The madness of arrogance is self-centered and off-centered.

Egocentricity is sinful. 

Make a conscious effort to live a holy lifestyle.

     Run for all you are worth from anything that stimulates evil desires.

     Concentrate on anything that encourages you to do right. 

     Focus on faith, love and peace—avoid worry, hatred and discord.


In a scared world, hallelujah is the meaning of calm.

The madness of alarm is beside itself over personal safety.

Egomania is scared.

Discover the secret of My peace.

     Stay composed in the eye of the storm—unafraid of circumstances.

     Remain tranquil in chaos—unintimidated by terrorists.

     Trust Me in trouble—unruffled by adversity.


In a skeptical world, hope is the meaning of confidence.

The madness of atheism results in complete despair.

Ego trips are one-way, dead-end roads to hell. 

Avoid becoming a road worrier.

     I will have the last word—what I say goes.

     I will win the last war—what I do counts.

     I will have your lasting worship—who I am endures.


I am your Meaning in the madness—seek My wisdom for each day.






© Pastor Johnny R. Almond                               

Gentle Whispers from Eternity

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  • Lord God, 

    You are our God, forever.

    Thank You.

    Please give us a quiet and peaceful mind and heart, and a gentle spirt.

    Help us to be a blessing to others.

    Help us to focus on faith, love and peace through the power of Your Spirit at work within us, who can do abundantly more than all we can think or ask.

    Please take away our fears and doubts.

    We trust in You, the Rock of all ages.

    Let Your peace guard our minds and hearts moment by moment, please.

    Thank You God, in the Name of Jesus Christ, amen.

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