Is Our Nation Headed For A Collapse? Biblical Archeology

1177 B.C. - The Collapse of Bronze Age Civilization:

     "Are we at the beginning of another perfect storm of stressors on our interconnected societies?'

     "Are we headed for a collapse of multiple elements of our complex global society?"

     "If our interconnected world is nearing the breaking point, are there lessons we can learn from the Late Bronze Age collapse to help prevent or stave off our collective demise?"

     "We should be aware that no society is invulnerable. Every society in the history of the world has ultimately collapsed. The collapse of similarly intertwined civilizations just after 1200 B.C. should be a warning to us that it can certainly happen again."


IMHO, citizens of this world should be concerned, even despair. Citizens of God’s Kingdom should be concerned but instead we must “lift our eyes to the hills…” Our response must be faith-provoked, biblically-based rather than flag-waving political platforms.

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  • I've read that the events recorded in the Book of Judges occurred at the time of the Bronze Age Collapse.

    That was an awful time for the Israetlies.

    As Paul says in I Corinthians 10: we should learn from their failures to avoid failing likewise.

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