Guest Post ~ Is "Out Of Season" The New Normal?


 I wanted to make sure you saw the recent podcast with Pastor Bil Cornelius.

He says a few things that were relieving-- and freeing-- to hear.

(A few of those things where you think, "I can't believe someone actually said that." Then, after a moment, you relax and feel, "Oh, I'm SO glad someone ACTUALLY said that...")


One of the biggest lessons of this post-pandemic season, according to Bil?

We are learning NOT to worship at the feet of numbers. That’s always been a tendency for church leaders.

“Preach in season and out of season,” Paul tells us (2 Timothy 4:2).

“This is,” Bil says, “an out of season season.”

(Let's just go ahead and admit that together-- so we can move through it together.)


Furthermore, Bil adds this: it’s a time in which we need to realize that the “numbers” we have now ARE the actual numbers. In a sense, we’re not at 50% or 70% or whatever-% of our capacity… we’re at a new 100%.

(Yes, someone-- Bil-- said that, too!)

But that’s OK.

You’ve grown “the numbers” before, so you can do it again…


Sure, the numbers are important.

They represent real people.


But, we need to focus on the things that really matter—

Your marriage.

Your children.

Your health (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual).

If you have these, you’re “winning” in life AND in ministry…

(And aren't those the VERY THINGS we all gave thanks for as we spoke with our closest friends and family just a few days ago?)

That is definitely a LOT to be thankful for…

Your Friend & Coach,

Shawn Lovejoy


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  • Sean,

    Mayve this insight will help more of us (Christ-serving leaders who pastor, champion prayer, motivate outreach, facilitate worship...) stand firm, rather than bemoaning what has changed or what e miss from the "goood old days" (which were much less "good" than we think. And mayve that is a sign we have become soft; easily trusting God when all is well but struggling and fearing when the wind blows in the wrong direction.

    #Reimagine ... everything!


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