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Bob Whitt

Back in the early ’80s, I had the opportunity to play for an NCAA Mid-American Conference (MAC) football team. In my sophomore year, we played against the 12th- ranked team in the country. Prior to us going out on the field to play in front of 70,000 fans at home, our coach wanted to review the scouting report one last time.

As he proceeded to get ready to share, he was looking for the whiteboard to write some things down. But there was no whiteboard in the room. He ended up having a couple of student workers run down and get the visitor's whiteboard.

As we sat quietly, we could hear the band playing and could feel the intensity that today was going to be our day. The two student workers finally rolled in the whiteboard, and as they did, they both had a smile on their face. When they rolled it in and turned one side of the board around, on it was the scouting report of our team! Someone from the other team forgot to erase it! There were several members of my team on the scouting report. Each summary was written like this:

No. 12 – Jeff M. Quarterback, 6’5, 230 lbs. Strength – Strong arm and can throw the long ball. Weakness – Can’t run; force him out of the pocket.

This was the summary scouting report of each player that they felt was important to be aware of on our team. They shared their strengths and weaknesses and what to do against those weaknesses. There were seven (7) team members in all on the whiteboard. The last person on board read like this:

Number 84, wide receiver Bobby Whitt. (I was called Bobby back in my playing days.) The summary on me just said, GAME CHANGER! Nothing else.



What is a game changer? It can be looked at in many forms, but in this case, it has a big and important effect on something, usually making the difference between one thing happening and another. From a spiritual prophetic
standpoint, it can mean that God is on the move; there is a change in the spirit, and major shifts are taking place. It’s someone or something that can create a significant shift in the way things are done. We were created by God, and through that existence, we have been given a sphere of influence to shift the atmosphere that brings God’s presence into existence around you and others. That’s a game- changer!

Through Jesus Christ, you are someone to contend with as you serve the Lord on His behalf. You are the light that God has chosen. Not darkness.

In reality, we didn’t choose Jesus; Jesus chose us.

Like Peter, we have to be positioned and ready to walk on water, not as a “look at me,” but as one who will trust God even when storms or challenges arise.

Outside the four walls of the Church is the mission field.

We are living in an era of hate. In our country and, respectfully, in some places of The Church, we have watered down the Word of God and lost sight of how to honor. There are lots of hurting people who don’t know Jesus; who don’t know freedom in Jesus; who don’t know that Jesus isn’t some religious idol but a loving and merciful God who loves us and accepts us as who we are. Love proceeds honor. Romans 12:10...Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.

As Jesus said, go out and fish for people and show them how much they matter to you and to God. Offer them forgiveness even if they have done something against you. Offer redemption, encourage new life and hope, reach out in love, and walk in a culture of honor. I am not suggesting we walk around with a

Bible on a street corner and preach. But we should walk in a lifestyle as an example representing Christ.

There was a lady in a church one day looking for some music sheets for the worship team. She couldn’t find them in the place she thought they were. She ended up going into another room that she was familiar with but didn’t turn the lights on. She thought she could get right to the desk and grab the music sheets.

As she walked in, she bumped into three different things and actually fell twice. She got so frustrated that she went back out of the office and was mad with God that she kept bumping into things, even though she was lazy not to turn
the light on to see.

In her frustration, she said to God, "Lord, what’s the deal that I keep bumping into things in this room?" God told her to turn on the light. She did and saw that the room had been remodeled, and she hadn’t been aware of it.

Then the Spirit of the Lord said to her, “I have a new blueprint for you. The old no longer works. That’s why you keep bumping into things”.

Even though the matter was centered around music sheets and a new remodeled room, God took that situation to speak to her, to tell her that He was doing something new in her life.

This woman became a game changer because she received new blueprints.

Noah changed the game by obedience; Abraham changed the game by faith; Joseph changed the game by integrity; David changed the game by courage; and the disciples changed the game by standing up for Jesus Christ!

If you were wondering what the outcome of the game was and me being acknowledged as a “game changer,” we beat the 12th-ranked team in the county at that time. The score was 27 to 0. I had three catches for 247 yards and three touchdowns. I am pretty sure they didn’t know what they were speaking prophetically about me being a game changer, but God showed up that day!

As you, in remembrance, honor Jesus this holiday season and prepare for the New Year of 2023, the year of the Lord Jesus Christ, know that He has new blueprints for you. You are a game-changer for Jesus! Let us all truly be Relevant Ambassadors for Christ (RAC).

May you truly walk in love, grace and honor.

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