Youre Doing a Great WorkDont Yield to the Devil’s Distractions!
By Jeff Keaton
In the great account of God’s work of restoration found in the book of Nehemiah, there is a powerful moment and lesson found in chapter six. Nehemiah and his band of helpers had finally finished rebuilding the wall around the city, and their enemies were desperately trying to find a way to stop them from continuing the restoration of Jerusalem. Sanballet and Tobiah asked Nehemiah to come out of the city and meet them in the plain of Ono. Their plan was to “do him harm” once they got him away from the city. Nehemiah was wise to their plans and sent them back an extremely fitting response: “I am doing a great work and I cannot come down. Why should the work stop while I leave it and come down to you?” Nehemiah refused to allow the distractions of the enemy to stop him from accomplishing the work God had called him to do.
If you are in leadership, working diligently to accomplish God’s work in some area of creation, then you know how often Satan sends detractors to try and prevent you from fulfilling the mission God has given you. It seems there is always a crisis, an urgent matter lurking at the door. It may be a person, a project, or a problem of some kind that keeps you from accomplishing the work God has given you. I’ve seen Christian organizations completely derailed over one small issue that turned into a mountain of trouble. If we are going to be successful in the kingdom work God has given us, we must learn to say to these distractions: “I am doing a great work, and I cannot come down. Why would the work stop while I leave it and come down to you?” I realize that there will always be hundreds of issues that leaders must attend to, but let’s determine to never lose focus on the main mission God has given us.
Recently, here at RenewaNation, we have been asking ourselves: Is there anything we are involved in that is not in the sweet spot of our calling to give children a biblical worldview? We are determined to avoid the distractions that will prevent us from seeing millions of new children developing a biblical worldview.
What is distracting you today? What is it that you need to say no to and move on from? Is it a person on your team who consistently drags down others? Is it someone’s pet program that is draining your organization’s energy and resources? Is it a besetting sin that continuously calls you away from intimacy with Christ and thus prevents you from living a powerful, Spirit-led life? Whatever it is, Christ has the power, wisdom, and strength you need to overcome it. Rely fully upon Him. Rest deeply in Him, and He will help you accomplish the call He has given you.
Article written by Jeff Keaton, Founder & CEO of RenewaNation. Reposted with permission. For more information about RenewaNation, please visit

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