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Ripple Effect of Mentoring Evangelists

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Mark, Heather, Kate, Addie, and Don
For four years Mark has led a local monthly mentoring group for a few people passionate and gifted in evangelism.  Originally begun as a one-year Advance Group as part of a Luis Palau initiative Mark was leading, this group bonded together across our generations and continued beyond one year.  Each person has a unique passion for sharing the gospel with specific types of people – junior high and high school students, Mormons, homeless people, people with Parkinson’s disease, and more.

Throughout these years we walked through challenges together personally about sharing the gospel in our lives and words in this often-confusing cultural moment.  Using various resources, we discussed numerous topics together – the biblical gift of the evangelist, the essence of the gospel, apologetics, new evangelism training resources, and living in a moment in the midst of deconstruction and increased opposition to Christian faith.  It was rich for everyone, spurring us on to “do the work of an evangelist” (2 Tim. 4:5) in bringing Jesus’ hope and Good News.


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After a season of prayer and discernment, we realized it was time for our group to end.  Often it’s often hard for us to admit when something needs to end!  However, for various reasons it was time.
At our final official gathering, we celebrated all God had done.  Then Mark exhorted everyone from Scripture to remain faithful to the gospel and spread what we’ve learned to others in our various churches and places of influence.
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Just 5 days later, one group member texted to the group how God had already worked.  She remembered Mark sharing, “It’s important to have other people who are passionate about evangelism to share the wins and losses together.”  She began pondering if her church had any type of group like this.  The next day one of her pastors emailed her about meeting to help them think through missions and outreach at their church!  As she shared the providential timing of his email, he was blown away!  They now plan to survey people at church about evangelism, and then from that survey build an evangelism group that meets monthly.  The pastor then asked her to do a workshop to help people be better equipped in sharing their faith in their everyday life! 
She concluded by saying, “The roots are already spreading from our group!  Thanks to each of you for helping me grow!” 
That’s the power of intergenerational mentoring!  Investing time in people flows like a river to places we could never imagine… all for the glory of God and His Kingdom!

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  • Mark, Heather, Kate, Addie, and Don as they spread the Gospel in their individual places of influence.
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