Meeting the needs of co-workers and their families through prayer and encouragement.

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  • Glad to have found this group we all stand in the need of prayer. I will continue to pray without ceasing. This year has been a very trying year for me I have had so many distractions trying to take me off course of my spirituality. I have have been praying and requesting prayer.

  • Hi Kathy!!

    Yes, I have found myself slipping into shady jesting, as you say foolish talk.  I often think of what Paul said, "when I try to do good, evil is always present".  Here at my workplace, I encounter many students who are in training to be operators or maintenance workers and I spend my day praying for them.  Often times they come in and tell me that they will be testing today and they are in need of prayer.  Then there are others who just need encourgement.  I found out that GOD is using me in a very wonderful way.  So now I spend my day lifting up the name of JESUS.  I walk down the hallways and pass by classes praying for GOD to assist them in their studies.  Now I'm to busy to doing GOD's business and most of all realizing that where I am in this workplace is my assignment and always knowing and understanding that it is not about me.  When I take care of GOD's business, GOD takes care of mine.  Kathy, GOD BLESS YOU!  Continue you work for the LORD and remember we are broken vessels but praise be to GOD for using each of us to do the work of the LORD.  GOD is teaching me everyday to have a SERVANT's HEART.  I pray that God will bless every word that comes out of our mouth and that HE will bless every place our feet touches.  GOD Bless my sister in Christ.

    Gail Ceaser your sister in Jesus Christ

  • Ephesians 5:4  Neither filthiness, nor foolish talking, nor jesting, which are not convenient: but rather giving of thanks.

    Have you ever found yourself slipping into shady jesting...foolish talk? How about complaining about your job or wishing you could work "somewhere else"?  I do at times verbally and I find more so in my thinking!  Sometimes before you know it, a comment slips past our lips and as soon as it is spoken you become sick at your stomach and would give anything if you could just make it as though it was never said!  Well, how can we get to the point where it won't happen again and/or where we are content in working right where we are?

    Verse 1 & 2 begins by exhorting us to "become" followers of Christ and to "walk in love".  Sometimes that is hard to do in the workplace, isn't it.  To become like Jesus and to love as Jesus loved, we need abide in Him.  I need to be thankful for the job that I have for He has truly blessed me!  Not only in wage and healthcare but what I find more valuable are my 2 Christian sisters.  I pray you have Christian friends where you work.  Let's strive to "become" like Jesus.

    Father, thank you for Jesus who is our example. Thank you for the workplace that I am in and I pray, open my eyes to see where you are working around me so that I may join you in your work.  In Jesus name I prayer...Amen!

  • I see a new member joined!  Kay...welcome to this group.  Kay and I work together at the same facility; we have lots to share!  Gotta go for now.
  • It's me again!  Sorry I'm so "in your face" but on the main page under "Blog Spots" click on Hollywood Prayer Network August 2011 Newsletter.  Then scroll down and you will see Tip of the Month: How can you have more influence in your workplace?  Check that out; Phil Cooke has some great tips!


    Then, go back and read the praises and prayer needs for Hollywood!

  • "Cain's tragic life illustrates the hard lesson that guilt is our friend if it drives us to God. However, if we refuse to turn to God in repentance and confession, guilt will drive us away from God to our own destruction. Cain's bitterness that was rooted in resentment and rebellion bore wicked fruit in his family for generations to follow. Cain's sin, left to take its own natural course, intensified with each generation until the entire civilization of the world in his day was ravaged by it.  What sin in your life - if left unchecked - will ravage the life of your children?"  Partial devotion by Ann Graham Lotz.


    As I read this I thought about my workplace; there is back-biting, gossip, and jealousy.  When its being spoken around me I realized I always sit silently and trying to decide if what they say is true.  If someone is being talked about who is not there, of course, and we just let whatever is being said go, we are allowing this to happen:  "Cain's sin, left to take its own natural course, intensified with each generation until the entire civilization of the world in his day was ravaged by it."  Let us, who God has placed in the workplace, gently and lovingly try to stop the "natural course".  I care about my workplace and I want to see it thrive...if we do nothing, it will become ravaged.

  • When I searched and read the descriptions of all the groups this one caught my eye and so, I joined.  I'll do my best in sharing my thoughts with your questions below:

    What is your workplace environment like?  I work at a community based correction facility and I am the administrative assistant and fiscal manager.  When I started to work there as a secretary coarse joking along with foul language was part of the office jargon.  After some time I had to take a stand and do something about it.  The majority of the folks didn't have a problem with holding their tongues but after time good won over evil!


    Do you want to make a difference in someone's life?  I believe we all do but some times we don't recognize the opportunities that He provides for us every day.


    I believe this doesn't need to be said but, with prayer and a sincere Christian walk we can make a difference!
  • Today is Saturday, September 3, 2011 and I just joined your group.  I work at a community based correction facility.  Once we understand that God has placed us in our workplace for a reason it is then that He can use us.
  • Thank you Sally!! I pray that the Lord will burden our hearts for fellow-coworkers. I know that I cannot do this apart from Jesus. Look forward to hearing from you!! God Bless You and Keep You Sally!
    Gail Ceaser
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