Intercessory prayer for all needs in general; the sick, deliverance, salvation for the lost, protection for America, Israel and the body of Christ..

All prayer requests welcome.

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  • The impact that prayer has had on my life is pretty much of an understatement. When I was laid off from my job in 2008, I told myself I should put my free time to good used by engrossing myself in continuous Bible study, which I did, but I also realized that, not only wasn't prayer a big part of my life, I didn't even think I knew how to pray. So I began to amass my own personal library on the subject of prayer and other related literature. I now have 21 three-ring binders filled with the subject of prayer, its application and practice. What an enlightening experience it has been and is.

  • I am attracted to the entire concept your prayer group, and such a powerfully impacting symbol. God bless.

  • American Religious Heritage Under Attack

    I am a pastor and attorney here in NYC and I want to urge you to watch the videos below. OUR RELIGIOUS HERITAGE IS UNDER ATTACK.  The clips are not long.  We have an educational  program on Sat Sept 14th in NYC and I am encourage everyone to forward the first 2 videos and post them on social media to get the word out.
    Pleas pray for me and our task force as we seek to educate the Body of Christ on these issues!
    Michelle Morrison
    Introduction about the task force and Sept 14th
     A must watch!!   Pastor Bill Devlin speaks on recent development with SANCTITY OF MARRIAGE under attack
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