How do you pray for the world?

What are some of the ways that you pray for the world? I use the Every Home for Christ Prayer Map. Are there other resources available to us? Share some of your techniques and include your prayers.

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  • Hi Marsha,
    Your group will find it useful to add another sourcebook - Operation World - which gives detailed information on nations and people groups who have not come into the Kingdom of Jesus yet, as well as the various obstacles which impede successful evangelism, and other areas which need focused and concentrated prayers. They can download it free from the Internet.
    God bless,
  • I have written 31 world prayers allowing an individual to pray for the church, the nation and world social issues in one month.  Issues like world poverty, health, disasters, corrupt governments, human trafficking, media, crime, addictions, world economy, the enviroment ect...  Then I watch the news each morning and pray for the immediate concerns.  So glad to find your website.
  • The new Operation World is out!! I love this as a resource for praying for the world, and I'm going to try to commit next year to praying through it. For anyone who is interested, check out their new website at
  • I also use Mission Network News ( Each day there are 4-5 very current requests from around the globe. This has been part of my daily prayer time for many years and it is quite helpful in praying up to the minute for those in need. I also use VOM's prayer updates, which also give you an opportunity to send letters to those in prison for their faith. We work in the middle east, so these email updates are "unsifted" information which truly helps us pray more fervently & effectively.
  • Further to my comment on Prayer, Marsha, I would like to add this guide: Day 1 we praise and give thanks for what God has done for the political climate and the government of the country we are praying for. We go to the weblink to get the country profile page, then Reflect by writing our thoughts or anything which the Holy Spirit has impressed upon us. Day 2, we reflect that God is the Sovereign Lord, Master, and Ruler of the universe, then pray that God will be these attributes to the government of the country we are praying over, and then we declare His Lordship over that nation. {There are other attributes of God mentioned in our booklet, which we can declare over the nation}. Day 3 we pray Psalm 67 in the context of the country's government. We read Psalm 131, and meditate and reflect on how this psalm is applicable to the country's government. Then we Reflect again and record our thoughts or impressions on the country we are praying for. This goes on with other areas mapped out for us for each day. In this way even those who don't have much prayer experience can join in the prayers for the nations.
  • My church - Wesley Methodist Church - in Singapore has missionaries in various parts of the world, and we also link up with churches in many countries. The Senior Pastor, our Pastor-in-charge of the church, started the prayer chain some years ago when he was put in charge of the church.
    Just last week, we were given a printed booklet with the various countries mentioned, and invited to spend 5 minutes, 5 days a week to prayer through for the nations mentioned in the booklet. There's a daily preparation for prayer; a prayer guide on what to pray for each week, and a detailed list of requests from various missionaries in the field. We are also asked to Reflect and write our thoughts or anything which the Holy Spirit impresses upon us during our prayer time. In this way too, we develop a discipline of prayer.
  • Our church has a mission Yearbook you can purchase or get an e-mail everyday to pray for different mission workers and groups. I would also like to try the every home for Christ Prayer map. Where could I find it ? Also I'm going to visit CompassionNet. Thanks.
    • Donna, You can get a map online at they will send you one free.
      Welcome to our group. You are invited to offer your prayers for the world through our group whenever you are led to do so. We will agree in prayer with you.
      Marsha Mundy
  • I have used Operation World before, but the version that's out there is pretty dated now. I recently heard that a new one is coming out toward the end of this year and I'm excited about that. I receive daily prayer updates from Global Prayer Digest and have also used various parts of the Joshua Project website to pray for the unreached. To pray for the Persecuted Church, I get a weekly update from ICC (International Christian Concern) and recently discovered the Open Doors website, which I've just begun to explore.
  • I use the Voice of the Martyrs world map and prayers from the "Prayers that Avail Much" series. I find it to be very helpful, especially when you run into those prayer concerns that are difficult to articulate.
    Between the help of the Holy Spirit, praying scripture, and the faithfulness of those at VOM, I find my times in prayer to be most effective. All glory to God! He is so good!
    Now, with the help of my new friends on this site I can see I will have more resources to utilize.
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