Launched in 1996, coordinator Phil Miglioratti has been tracking and resourcing gatherings small and large of praying pastors.

The PPGs have been instrumental in forging a John 17 unity among congregations and ministries in urban, suburban and exurban locations.

Pastors meet-up to pray. With one another & for one another. With repentance & for reconciliation. With passion & for transformation.

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  • When members of the congregation or intercessors are considering praying for their pastor, here are some things to consider as they make steps to pray for them.  The closer the member or intercessor is to the pastor or the more formal the prayer relationship, the more deeply that person may be able to pray for their pastor's needs. 

    Because pastors may not formally invite them into a prayer relationship, members and/or intercessors could consider praying for the following needs:

    • General Needs:  Family, Finances, Job (Secular), Health, and Ministry--These are needs for which most pastors (or anyone for that matter) needs prayer.  These things can be prayed for without a formal prayer relationship
    • Informal Needs:  Observations--These are also needs that do not require a formal prayer relationship.  These are the needs that are expressed in passing, over the pulpit, or just merely seen by observation.  For example:  He may speak of a child that may be having issues or a pain.  She may look extremely exhausted or like there is something heavily on her mind.

    Tune in for Part 2!

  • I've been blessed by those pryers!

    Pray in sme pastors to this site - I will be migrating some of the archives articles and interviews here.

    Thank you!


  • Phil, I am grateful to have prayed with you and FOR you for so many years
    Wish we could get all the pastors to participate in the NPPG
    You are an inspiration to me!!!
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NPPN Article #003 ~ "HOW PASTORS AND INTERCESSORS CAN WORK POWERFULLY  TOGETHER AS A TEAM"   By Lynn Heatley The partnering together of pastors and intercessors is an issue of vital importance in the church today. When these two gifts are joined together, I believe the power of God is unleashed in remarkable ways. An important understanding of the interdependency of each of these gifts is vital for team building. My purpose in this article is to seek to convey how the offices of pastor and…

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